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blackwater og

Blackwater og

Depending on a patient’s medical needs, a patient should re-dose every 1.5-4 hours. For most, Blackwater OG’s effects last approximately 2-3 hours, with a sleep-inducing sensation coming on near the tail-end, so re-dosing will likely make you drift closer to a fully-medicated slumber.

Visually, Blackwater OG buds appear dense and coated in cannabinoids , with a coloring of deep-purple and light-green that create an overall enticing appearance. Plus, this flower has a truly delightful scent that brings out the best of its parental lineage.
Blackwater OG has a tendency to poorly produce below a canopy so creating multiple “tops” or growing in a “ Sea of Green ” may be your best bet at maximizing its yield. The Cali Connection recommends harvesting in the 8 to 9-week window, but from personal experience, I find it best to go for a full 9 to 10-weeks, which allows this strain to reach its full potency and potential.

Up front, the strain has richly floral, grape notes, but an overpowering pine-like smell lingers as the nugs are broken apart. Upon smoking this strain, the grape scent transitions perfectly into a mouth-coating, sugary flavor, with an earthy, pine-like finish.
Blackwater OG Results: 17% THC, 0.04% CBD, 0.04% CBN
I guarantee it’ll add a connoisseur-grade strain to their cannabis garden, and cannabis patients will also be overwhelmed by its sensual appeal and effectiveness in treating countless ailments.
Some of these other strains include Tahoe OG, San Fernando Valley OG, Larry OG, Chem 91’ Skunk VA, and one we’ll review in-depth today–Blackwater OG.
After smoking a small dose of this strain (0.08-0.25 grams), patients can expect a slight cerebral buzz that a good sativa will deliver, but don’t be fooled, as it lasts for only a brief period of time.

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An in-depth review of Blackwater OG, cultivated by the Cali Connection. Learn about this strain's appearance, taste, smell, potency and more (with pictures)