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black triangle strain

Black triangle strain

Black Triangle is an easy-going indica that reviewers have enjoyed for its potential in relaxing body and mind, with medical consumers sharing that they’ve to used it to help with pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, feelings of depression, insomnia, and appetite-loss.

This potent strain is a cross between Triangle Kush (aka “The White”) and “88 G13 Hash Plant”. Effects may tend to bring a calm, euphoric relaxation to both body and mind according to reviewers. Some note that this strain will not only relax but allow the mind to remain focused while keeping it free of any negative thoughts.
Due to it having a higher CBD content than most strains, users explain that they have used Black Triangle to help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, depression, insomnia and appetite-loss.

What are the THC levels of Black Triangle?
The buds of Black Triangle are olive green with amber pistils and a visibly thick coating of trichomes.
The name of the strain Black Triangle gets its origins from its parent lineage, as one of its parent strains is Triangle Kush.
What effects does Black Triangle have?
Where does Black Triangle come from?

What color does Black Triangle have?

The long and conical buds of Black Triangle release citrus, earthen, and pine-like scents that carry an almost sugary, hashy, and spicy taste when consumed. A well cultivated strain will often have olive-green buds with long amber pistils and a thick coating of frosty trichomes. This potent strain…