Black Seed Oil And Weed

Black seed oil has many health benefits including its high antioxidant content. It may aid weight loss and improve skin conditions. Black seed oil used to be the secret of the pharaohs. At that time it was used as a medicinal product

16 black seed oil benefits

You’ve probably come across aromatic black cumin seeds sprinkled on top of your naan bread before.

But did you know the oil extracted from these seeds could also work wonders on your skin and hair?

Here we delve into black seed oil benefits to reveal why this under the radar ingredient could be a great natural addition to your beauty routine.

In this article, we’ll go through

What is black seed oil?

Black seed oil comes from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant that grows in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East.

This small flowering shrub produces fruits containing tiny black seeds that are widely used as a spice and a condiment.

However, the lightweight oil extracted from the seeds is also used in various natural solutions.

You can buy black seed oil and apply it to your hair and skin directly, or you can dilute it with a carrier oil.

Black seed oil is made from the Nigella sativa plant, which is a flowering shrub that produces fruit with tiny black seeds. The plant is native to Asia, the Middle East, and Southern Europe.

Black seeds go by a variety of different names. These include black cumin, black caraway, nigella, fennel flower, and Roman coriander. We often use these seeds in cooking, but they can be pressed into an oil too. 1

The black seed oil has a variety of reported health benefits, which is what it is used for most. 2

Other common names for black seed oil:

  • Black caraway
  • Kalonji
  • Black cumin seed oil
  • Black onion seed

What is black seed oil good for?

Black seed oil contains numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Some of these will sound familiar – for example, vitamins A (retinoids), B (niacinamide), and C (ascorbic acid). 3

But one of its unique active components is thymoquinone, a powerful natural soothing agent. 4

With such a rich variety of components, this oil offers a whole host of skin-friendly superpowers.

Given these impressive credentials, it’s no surprise that there are many reported skin-health benefits of black seed oil.

Advocates believe it helps with many different ailments, although there isn’t (yet) sufficient research to support all of the healing accolades, it’s definitely an oil with lots of promise.

Here we focus on three black seed oil benefits. First, the revitalising effect it has on skin, second the benefits to hair and third, the benefits of black seed oil for your health.

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4 benefits of black seed oil for skin

There are a number of reasons why consistently applying the oil topically can help to leave skin looking fresh and revitalised. 5,6

Unclogging pores

The soothing properties of black seed oil can help to reduce clogged pores and control oil. This is because black seed oil is relatively low on the comedogenic scale.

Not sure what this is? Essentially this is a scale used by dermatologists to assess how likely an oil is to clog your pores.

It starts at 0, which suggests that it will not clog your pores, right through to 5, meaning it’s highly likely to clog your pores.

Black cumin seed oil has a rating of 2, which means it has a moderately low chance of clogging your pores. 7

In addition to this, it’s also been found to have cleansing and soothing properties, with research suggesting that it may have the ability to help with acne. 8,9,10

For this reason, some people suffering from breakouts use black seed oil for problem skin.

Revitalising effect

With vitamins A, B, and C aplenty, this oil also helps the skin to retain moisture.

This can support healthy elasticity – and thanks to an abundance of fatty acids, it may also help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 11,12

Evening out skin tone

Together the vitamin A, amino acids, and fatty acids in black seed oil work together to hydrate skin cells.

This is because vitamin A has the ability to increase epidermal turnover (aka the generation of the skin cells called keratinocytes, in the inner layer of the skin) and to restore the epithelium, which is a type of body tissue that covers all internal and external surfaces on the body. 13

Alongside this, amino acids have also been proven to promote wounded skin and even manage damaged skin. 14

Over time, this can reduce the prominence of any discolouration, encouraging a more even skin tone.

Reducing redness

Due to its soothing properties, black seed oil can reduce the appearance of spots and any redness. 15

This may be due to the soothing properties that black seed oil, however, most of the studies in this area are based on black seed oil that’s been taken orally rather than topically. 16

4 benefits of black seed oil for hair

If you’re looking for a natural plant oil to nourish your tresses, black seed oil is a great alternative.

While there aren’t many studies dedicated to the benefits of black seed oil for hair, there are plenty of anecdotal recommendations.

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This oil has a loyal army of advocates praising its potential to help support a healthy scalp and add extra vitality to frazzled locks. 17,18

Supports hair growth

Black seed oil is packed with vitamins that can have benefits for hair regrowth. One study from 2014 found that when mixed with coconut oil, black seed oil promoted hair growth in its participants. 19

Manages hair loss

As well as having the ability to promote hair growth, black seed oil may also be able to reduce hair loss too.

A study in 2017 found that a hair treatment containing black seed oil resulted in a reduction in hair fallout of up to 76%. Using black seed oil for hair loss is common. 20

Soothes scalp dryness

Black seed oil may also be able to soothe the scalp, as well as reduce flakiness and sensitivity on the scalp.

This is thought to be because of the fatty acid contents, which have been linked to improved skin moisture in some studies, but more research is needed on this specifically. 21

Hydrates, conditions and prevents damage

Similarly, black seed oil may be able to help your hair stay moisturised and nourished. In addition, antioxidants in the oil neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals on your hair. 22,23,24,25

6 benefits of black seed oil for health

There’s a long-established belief that black seed oil is a ‘panacea’ or universal healer. Of course, it’s essential to take that with a pinch of salt.

However, there are some reported black seed oil benefits.

These might include:

Aiding breathing difficulties

Research has shown that black seed oil may be effective at helping with breathing difficulties, as it can reduce inflammation and relax the muscles in your airways. 26,27,28

Supporting weight loss

Although the exact reason for this isn’t known, black seed oil may also be able to support your weight loss efforts.

One particular study from 2015 concluded that the participants who received the oil (rather than the placebo) lost significantly more weight and further reduced their waist circumference, compared to a low-calorie diet alone. 29

Stabilising blood sugar levels

Another potential benefit of black seed oil for your health is its ability to lower blood sugar levels.

A study from 2015 published in Contemporary Therapies in Medicine improved the glycemic status and lipid profile in participants with diabetes, but further studies are needed to clarify the right dosage. 30

Reducing cholesterol

An additional health benefit of black seed oil is that it may be able to reduce cholesterol levels.

In the same study that highlighted how it could be effective for weight loss, they also concluded that those taking capsules containing 2-3g of black seed oil reduced their LDL cholesterol levels (aka the bad ones) – as well as the total levels of cholesterol. 31

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Lowering blood pressure

Black seed oil has been used as a traditional aid for many centuries, and one of the main things it was used to treat was hypertension – high blood pressure.

A study from 2013 tested this and found that a daily supplement containing 5ml of this oil reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure after eight weeks. 32

Supporting brain health

The benefits of black seed oil don’t end there. Research from 2013 also suggested that it’s also able to enhance memory, attention span and cognition.

Although further, larger-scale studies are needed to confirm whether it can be a suitable supplement in this area. 33

Black seed oil

First a quick lesson in black seed oil in general. Black cumin oil (black seed oil) used to be the secret of the pharaohs. At that time it was used as a medicinal product. For example, it was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amon. And it was also used in ancient Greece, among others by Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine. Not just a few names.

After that, the remedy was forgotten for a long time, but nowadays, partly due to new scientific research, the positive effects of the remedy are again fully appreciated. Even in countries such as Egypt, where it was used so often in the past, the drug now has a large audience as ever. Many are firmly convinced of its effect.

And now there is the possibility to administer not only cumin seed oil, but CBD to your body at the same time. This combination provides the positive effects of both substances. And we recommend the Cibdol product to give this mix a try.

Black seed oil with CBD

The substance black cumin has also reached the world of CBD. Other words for black cumin are nutmeg flour, onion seed and the scientific term nigella sativa. Cibdol, one of the most esteemed producers of CBD products, has associated black cumin with CBD as they always do: expertly, to a high standard. The gold standard, as they say.

Using state-of-the-art extraction techniques, the experts at Cibdol have retained the key ingredients of black cumin, yet made it fully suitable for use with CBD, a substance from the cannabis plant that will not get you high or stoned. So the user takes in the effects of both black cumin seed oil and CBD – the best of both worlds.