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black fem

Black fem
“I asked myself before my final liver procedure, ‘If at 22 you are going to die, what is your legacy going to be?’ said McKenzie.
“I grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, which is one of the few places in the United States where black families actually have more wealth than white families,” she said. “I was able to go to the best schools in my area, which allowed me to have the best teachers.”
McKenzie said, “The work I do is vital to future global financial health. Demographic shifts can no longer be ignored. BlackFem stands for black feminism, which states that if we liberate those at the bottom, we are really liberating everyone.”
Always solutions-oriented, the BlackFem founder recently authored the book, The Activist Investor. It’s a guide for how the investor community can contribute to social causes, diving into equity investment strategies and leveraging shareholder power.
Life would come crashing down again later when she fell ill on the trading floor, checking herself into the hospital for what turned into a five month medical fight that would encompass multiple surgeries and the diagnosis of several autoimmune disorders. McKenzie’s health was so fragile, she feared she might not live.
Even though McKenzie attended an expensive liberal arts college and was able to wage a costly health battle, McKenzie left the hospital room mostly debt free. One of the few benevolences of her father was a college fund. She credits this inherited wealth as her saving grace.
“We create custom curriculum and program for school districts that changes the community holistically,” said McKenzie. “The work we do demands immersion, five days a week, during school hours. Our approach reinforces a wealth mindset that can be transferred for generations to come.”
People like McKenzie are responsible for getting social issues – like closing the wealth gap- on boardroom agendas. She joins an exploding trend of activist start up founders who are also driven by making money and mission. In most cases, they are industry insiders with access to capital but, use that access to create for-profit organizations that drive change.
“What inspired me to begin fighting for wealth justice came from recognizing how wealth and privilege saved my life and how few black women are afforded the same opportunity. I became passionate about designing the most rigorous and effective solutions to closing the wealth gap, particularly for black women and women of color,” said McKenzie.
Black Fem is leveling the playing field for black girls
Black fem
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