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black canabis

Black canabis

Dumpster’s thick stem diameter both in meristem and lateral branching is a nod to her indica roots.

This super potent OG Kush hybrid is some of the most desired smoke in California.
A cross between Venom OG and Humboldt OG, Venom OG (now renamed Asphalt Plant) is a 50/50 Hybrid strain. The flowers are dense and bright green with protruding bright orange hairs that show purple colors towards the final weeks of flowering. With a piney, lemon aroma reminiscent of diesel and skunk, Venom OG will have you calm and relaxed.

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First place winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2010 & 2011
Winner of the Seattle Green Cup 2006.
2017 Emerald Cup winner by Humboldt Seed Company
Tahoe OG Kush buds are extremely dense due to the overly large swollen calyxes, which is a known trait of true OG Kush.

Grows to a medium height bush, producing a heavy yield of dense buds.

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