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big laughing strain

Strawberry Cough is a sativa that has a ripe strawberry taste and aroma. It comes with uplifting effects that can last for many hours. It offers unending energy that you will feel through your veins waking you like a bolt of lighting.

Whether you’re using an indica or a sativa, these strains will have negative effects that you may find overwhelming. Two of the most common side effects of most strains are dry eyes and dry eyes. These negative effects are mostly due to THC which can increase blood flow to different areas of the body.
You may have seen people giggle, laugh non-stop after consuming cannabis. You may have watched movies with actors laughing their faces off after smoking potent pot. Yes, there are cannabis strains which can make you happy but not just regular happy.

When you have adjusted to this dose, you can increase your dose as time goes by. And don’t forget to take note of any side effect and the intensity of these effects as you increase or decrease your dose.
Consider finding out the right dose for you. This is very important since every user has a different genetic makeup. Ensuring that you have the right dose will let you gain continued relief as you use cannabis for depression.
MediHaze is available in different varieties. Some phenotypes have more sedating properties than others, therefore, it would be wise to use this strain moderately. People who have consumed MediHaze swear that it can elevate mood, make you want to laugh and giggle even sometimes laughing uncontrollably.
This highly-therapeutic strain is for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment or chemotherapy. And aside from these conditions, Granddaddy Purple is a wonderful strain for pain. You can finally overcome pain and live a life free from headaches, backaches, muscle pains, muscle strain and all kinds of chronic pain.
But the effects of this strain contradicts its name. Pennywise is a good strain for depression. This strain offers a mellow high which will let you get up and about in the morning. With Pennywise, you can be free from negative and distracting thoughts because of its high CBD levels.

Pennywise’s high CBD content makes it an effective treatment for depression. It can also block out pain so you can focus on important things in your life minus any psychoactive effects. But a warning for users. You must consume this strain moderately to avoid its side effects.

Laugh your heart out with the most giggly strain you'll ever need! Indica or Sativa for Laughing? Get the answer from this article!

Big laughing strain

But why exactly does cannabis have this effect? Well, there appear to be multiple factors influencing this phenomenon. For one, cannabis has been shown to enhance blood flow to certain areas of the brain including the cerebellum, right frontal lobe and left temporal lobe. It just so happens that the right frontal lobe is associated with appreciation of humour. Could this be the link between cannabis consumption and the giggles?

Doctor Jamaica won’t blast your mind into another dimension. Her moderate level of THC is enough to bring on a happy and social high that isn’t overwhelming. She’s an excellent strain for parties, gatherings, and other informal social events. Pungent scents of citrus and fruit augment her enjoyable effects.
The cultivar produces a medium level of THC and exerts a fast-acting high. One or two hits is all it takes to feel an immediate change in mood. Even a bad day can be transformed into a moment of euphoria as THC works its magic on the central nervous system. White Strawberry Skunk is a superb strain at the end of the day to relieve stress and enjoy some downtime.

The earthy, herbal and sage aromas of Laughing Buddha encourage smokers to feel relaxed and blissful, while the sativa presence generate surges in happiness, creativity and appreciation of humour. The energy felt from smoking this strain will get you in the mood for some exciting and hilarious conversations and storytelling.
Doctor Jamaica is related to legendary strain California Orange. Like its predecessor, this variant originates from the West Coast and is loved for her mellow high and happy effects. Doctor Jamaica features a perfect split of 50% indica genetics and 50% sativa. Therefore, her enjoyable high relaxes the body while stimulating the mind. The strain produces glistening flowers that produce a tame THC level of 15%.
White Strawberry Skunk is another perfectly balanced hybrid cultivar. This specimen stems from a somewhat unlikely location: Switzerland. The European nation is known for creating high-quality watches and chocolate, and now they’re producing some incredible cannabis too. Breeders created White Strawberry Skunk using parent strain Swiss Erdbeer.
The main effects of lighting up this strain are happy, uplifting and euphoric sensations. Not only will this strain get you giggling, it will also supply sweet, fruity and tropical tastes to add even more pleasure to the occasion.
Maple Leaf is a pure indica strain that is derived from Afghani genetics. The soaring THC and CBD content produced by the immense amount of trichomes covering this strain holds the key to a giggly stone. Maple Leaf’s body high is extremely strong and lasts a long time, triggering a calming and relaxed state of mind.

Misty Gorilla Autoflowering was crafted over several generations using Gorilla, Cookies, and ruderalis genetics. With a THC level of 20%, she’s one of the more potent autos available. This fusion created a strain that boasts a rapid flowering time, satisfying productivity, and exceptionally giggly effects.

Cannabis has a lot of uses, and sometimes smokers want to indulge in the herb to inspire some silliness and some giggles. Here are 10 strains for the job.