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big bud plant

Big bud plant

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Thankfully, there are a number of ways to improve the size of your buds. Pruning, training, feeding, and lighting are the most common ways to dictate how your plant will develop.
Another tip for growing bigger buds involves regularly feeding compost tea to your soils. Compost teat helps develop healthy mycorrhizal relationships between the soil and mycelium. The more mycelium in the soil, the more nutrients the plant is going to take up, which will result in bigger buds.

Make sure your lights are at the right height so your plants are not suffering from heat stress. The plants should not feel hot, nor should your hand if you hold it at the top of the canopy. If you want to be precise, you can use a digital thermometer to figure out the precise temperature. By providing the right amount of light and keeping the lights the right distance away from your plants, you’ll keep your grow happy, resulting in the desired bigger buds.
If you want to grow big buds, you need to have big lights. When you identify the highest-quality cannabis in stores or dispensaries, you’re looking at cannabis where growers provided optimal indoor and outdoor lighting. You can’t cut corners when it comes to properly lighting your grow area. A basic guideline for lights is generally every 100 watts can cover one square foot. For example, a 600-watt light can cover a 6’x6′ area.
By super cropping (high-stress training) or using LST (low-stress training) methods such as tying down the top branches, you can motivate the rest of the surrounding branches to develop, thus creating a more level canopy. What happens when you train your plants is the growth hormones that are focused on the main stalk are redistributed to the surrounding branches, promoting growth for the entire plant. This results in an even canopy of branches that will all grow large colas while being equal distance from the light source.
Cannabis buds will form at most of the plant’s nodes. A node is where a leaf or branch grows off the stalk. The larger the plant grows, the more nodes will appear, which means your plant will have more locations where buds can grow.
Correctly feeding your plant is absolutely necessary when trying to grow large buds. Nitrogen is associated with vegetative growth, while phosphorus is the nutrient that is most closely associated with flowering plants. Feeding a plant nitrogen while it is vegging creates a healthy, vibrant plant at a young age that will grow rapidly, which leads to increased yields.

If you want to improve the yield of your plant, the best method is to prune away any plant life that isn’t receiving quality light. Trim away the buds and foliage that are under the canopy to “lollipop” your plant. This strategy will send all the energy into the canopy where the buds are receiving the most light, thus giving you bigger, denser nugs.

If you’re a cannabis grower, you know the goal is to grow the biggest and healthiest buds possible in your garden. Here are some tips designed to help your buds thrive.

Big bud plant

These are the two most popular strategies for training your plants to grow wider and bushier instead of straight up…

However when used together they work synergistically—greatly enhancing each other’s effectiveness and amplifying your results more than if used separately…
And yet, just by manipulating how your plants grow, you can increase your yields by as much as 40% as compared to not training your plants!

The fact of the matter is the nutrients from Advanced Nutrients are the best fertilizers for bigger buds.
pH Perfect ® Technology automatically balances your pH for you—putting it in the “sweet spot” and holds it there for weeks. As we’ve already discussed—maintaining proper pH allows your plants to absorb the nutrients, light and water you’re feeding them optimally. You can see more about pH Perfect Technology when you click here but the point is that if you want to grow the biggest buds possible, you should use nutrients specifically designed for that task.
In short, you get bigger, heavier yields from the exact same grow setup and lights.

The best nutrients for flowering
To develop a personalized plant-specific supplement solution, customized to your particular grow, you’ll want to use the BudLabs app.

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