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big banger

Big banger

Andy – “I liked the control I got from this string because it let me take big cuts at the ball. It maintained its playability for a long time, and the durability was top notch.”

(Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores)
Racquet: Volkl C10 Pro
Playtest Tension: 50 lbs
Usual String: Volkl Cyclone 16

Chris – “This string reminds me a lot of Kirschbaum Competition, and not just because they are similar in color. I found them both to be firm and low powered. I’m also surprised at how much control I have with both as I don’t find either to offer exceptional bite, yet my shots land where intended and the level of spin is acceptable.”
Andy used a lower tension to get the comfort he needed. He said, “To get the string to feel less stiff I had to drop the tension really low (mid-40 lbs). At that tension the string felt comfortable enough. The muted, dead feel was comfortable at the really low tension, and I didn’t lose any control. When the tension was too high the string felt too stiff and was pretty jarring at impact.”
Like all strings, Luxilon Big Banger Original definitely loses its fair share of tension, and with it playability. However, it stood up very well to Andy’s powerful strokes. He said, “Another strength of this string! The playability lasted for over two weeks before it lost too much tension, and as a result, playability. It was also super durable, as I couldn’t break it in that two-week span. After two weeks the string became really loose and felt rubbery at contact.”
Chris, a connoisseur of firm polys, predictably took advantage of the low power. He said, “I found this to be a very low powered string. I have never been able to string the Volkl C10 Pro under 54 lbs without it feeling too lively, but with this string I was happy hitting at 50 lbs. This is one of those polys where the player provides all the pop, and in a racquet like the C10 Pro, it proved to be perfect. I was able to swing very aggressively with this string in my racquet, such is its low power level. If you like to take a big cut at the ball but worry about overhitting, I recommend trying this string to add some control.”
Of all the things offered by Big Banger Original, it was the amazing control that emerged as the most undeniable feature. Andy was clearly impressed. He said, “This is where BB Original really excels! Since it’s so low powered and stiff the stringbed undergoes very little manipulation at impact, and thus the response you get is very consistent and accurate. Superb control! I could put the ball exactly where I wanted, and the stringbed felt consistent enough that I felt like I could be precise every time.”

If our two playtesters have it right, the best way to get power from Luxilon Big Banger Original is to eat your spinach and come to the court prepared to swing big. And it wouldn’t hurt to hit downwind. Andy helps us understand the upside of this kind of string. He said, “Because Big Banger Original is so low powered, it allows you to take huge cuts at the ball and still maintain control. This is why big hitters like it so much. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a powerful string, this is NOT the one for you. At contact the string has a very muted and dead feel, which many people (including our TW expert Chris) prefer. However, I like a livelier string, where I feel like the ball is jumping off the stringbed, and Big Banger Original definitely isn’t that.”

Luxilon Big Banger Original String Review Price: Luxilon Big Banger Original String Scores Power 35 Spin 69 Comfort 55 Control 95 Touch