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bianca strain

Bianca strain

1. Bianca marijuana seed is a hybrid marijuana strain that came about as these three exceptional cannabis varieties were crossed- Royal White Widow, White Queen, and Afghani.

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It features a join of indica and sativa, it’s a mostly sativa experience. A simple system to acquire your hands on these bad boys will develop with better advances.

Published : 05/6/2016 09:56:53
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Strain Description & Information
3. Despite being one of the most powerful cannabis varieties, Bianca has a mild smell and a dainty floral flavor.
White Widow, Afghan, and this plant is a blend of powerful White Queen gene is a very versatile and powerful buds. The seeds develop in cold or hot weathers and the THC level of 20% to 15% are capable to produce the bud.
2. This strain produces a very powerful lofty that is uplifting and positive. Bianca buds have a high THC stage which is about 20% to 25%. Smoking the buds produces a mind-blowing result.

Bianca marijuana seed is a hybrid of three species of cannabis. The initial system is to win the cup for power and marijuana is the most well-known white widow marijuana strains. The second turn of the variables that could withstand temperatures of hot and cold in the mountainous region, which is the emergence of a powerful Afghan strain, simple to develop difficulty. Bianca is the third strain of marijuana involved in the creation of the White Queen, weed is the Empress. This extremely fine hybrid strain of marijuana is now sold all over the world. The weed could develop very well insides or outsides. This plant develops to a medium height. Bianca marijuana flowering period is about 7 to 8 weeks. When the crystal content of the flowering tops and leaves of mature white makes layered like. The smell of smoke hash is floral with overtones. High is said to be uplifting.

The plants produce buds for a excellent hybrid on the market is a best way to combine something.