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beyond blue dream strain review

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Not everybody loves it, though. Some connoisseurs look down their noses at it, in part a hipster reaction to its popularity, but in part because it is not super strong. Others criticize not the strain itself, but the mass production of it, claiming that it is too often grown for the bottom line with “mediocre” or “generic” results. Still, everyone else seems to be buying the crap out of it.
Bingham says the market is now becoming more sophisticated, in terms of how cannabis products are packaged and sold.

4. It’s a marketing success. Writing for the Civilized website (“cannabis culture elevated”), Julia Wright let BDS Analytics point to the role of marketing.
“I love this strain. GREAT day time hybrid. Makes u feel like u’ve just scratched a spot on your back that you could not reach for days and it’s been itching you like crazy. I am running out of words here to describe how good your whole body and mind feels after medicating with this. The high is on the border of “functioning and couch potato” and you can control it as you want and go either way. Beautiful stuff . ” concurred a third reviewer.
Branding and marketing are already big in the edibles market, and we’ve already seen branding efforts for buds, especially around celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, or the Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix estates.
But wait, it’s even more pervasive yet: According to the bud-finding website Leafly, using menu data from dispensaries synchronized with local search terms, it’s also the leading strain in California.
3. It’s a highly productive strain. As High Times’ Danko noted: “Growers rave about how Blue Dream is so easy to grow and also a big yielder. Two pounds per 1000-watt light is a fairly standard indoor harvest for Blue Dream and she’s notoriously resistant to powdery mildew. Clones of Blue Dream also root quickly and consistently as well, making it a cultivator’s dream plant to grow.”

2. It’s “open source.” Blue Dream is not a proprietary strain, monopolized by a handful of secretive growers. As High Times cultivation expert Danny Danko noted, “she’s a clone-only strain that isn’t hoarded or claimed by one particular group. Blue Dream is considered more ‘open sourced’ and cuttings are easy to find.”

5 Reasons Blue Dream Is the Most Popular Marijuana Strain They’ve been selling a lot of legal weed in Colorado and Washington, but they’ve been selling a whole lot of one strain in particular: