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best weed strain for arousal

Best weed strain for arousal

Terpenes impact the different effects of cannabis, though how is not clear yet. The research into strains’ individual traits — and how those might affect humans — continues.

Set aside the chocolate and oysters, there’s a new aphrodisiac in town that can help take your sexual pleasure to another level. Yep, we’re talking about cannabis.
Who doesn’t love a good, oily rub down? Since topicals don’t enter the bloodstream, this can be a nice way to make your body feel good physically, without the “high.”

Both are indica-dominant, high-THC hybrids that hit you fast with a body-warming euphoria before melting to blissful relaxation.

  • Granddaddy Purple, an indica
  • Trainwreck, a potent sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Atomic Northern Lights, an indica-dominant hybrid
  • Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid

“Those actually are just physiological plant classifications made around the physical plant properties and not its flower profile, which is where the focus should be,” he explained.

Oils and condoms don’t play nice together, so be mindful of your method of protection.

  • Bubba Kush, an indica
  • Skywalker OG Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid
  • Blueberry Lamsbread, a sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Kosher Kush, an indica

ACDC is a sativa-dominant strain with 14 percent CBD and less than 1 percent THC.

Sure, you’ve heard it from friends, but the research is also in: Cannabis and sex is a potent and pleasurable combo. Experts told us how to choose the right strain and product for the most mind-blowing sexual experience — no matter what type of mood you’re in.

Best weed strain for arousal

If you are expecting some sugary Bubble Yum flavors, think again. This strain runs citrus with top notes of orange and sour lemon. Although, it is a little sweet. And though it isn’t a high energy strain, there is a certain propensity for giggling that can run counter to the smooth, sensual vibe mentioned previously.

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This is a strain with some pretty fun urban legends attached to it. Depending on who you ask, it was developed at some time in the 60s by either the CIA, FBI, or another clandestine operation who gathered the most powerful strains in the world to combine into a super strain. Then, after a decade or so of experimentation, the final strain was perfected in 1970 at a mega-secret installation at the University of Mississippi. Pretty cool origin story overall. If you opt to use some G13, be prepared for some serious THC levels that top over 20 percent. It’s pretty great because you will get body tingles from head to toe as well as instant euphoria. Layering those feelings over an orgasm makes things incredibly intense, magnifying pleasure for you and your partner.
If you only know Bruce Banner as the man who turns into The Incredible Hulk, it’s time to get to know this powerful strain. It’s very THC heavy, with the Bruce Banner #3 variant boasting as much as 30 percent THC content. A sativa dominant strain, Bruce Banner balances both the sativa and indica parts of its makeup while packing a considerable punch. Expect the effects to be felt quickly and intensely before they mellow out, leaving users with a creative buzz and a general lift in spirits. There is some body relaxation, but you will mostly feel the sativa effects in your head. That makes this a great strain for creativity in the bedroom. Smoke a bowl and try some new types of foreplay or positions you have only daydreamed about.
A lot of cannabis strain names have no relevance to the flavors or effects of the bud, but that is so not the case with Strawberry Cough — which smells and tastes like sweet berries and can cause the biggest stoners to hack when they use it. It’s a sativa blend that hits users fast and sharpens focus in a big way. A lot of people use it and enjoy engaging in deep conversations or reading dense texts. But, when it comes to getting busy, the mental clarity coupled with the increase in intense cerebral thinking makes it great for getting into fringe acts and fetishes. Power play can be particularly fun with this strain, especially if you and your partner struggle over who gets to retain control. It’s essentially sex chess. And as the average Strawberry Cough high lasts for up to four hours, you will have a lot of time to play.
When it comes to a pleasurable physiological imperative like eating, we’re all about maximizing enjoyment via a variety of approaches and ingredients. So naturally, our sexual palates should be given the same attention. And just as culinary cannabis is a trend that people have long been exploring at home, sexual cannabis is booming now too. Thank you, increased legalization.

You know that the effects of Sour Diesel must be awesome because the name is a reference to the taste, which is a lot like gasoline with some musk and pine sap. And the smoke comes on sour and a bit skunky before taking on some ammonia notes. It’s not tasty flower. But it is hella fun.

Looking to take your sex life up another level? These 14 cannabis strains will heighten your sensations and free your mind.