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best weed stash containers

Best weed stash containers

Visitors may admire your Buddha book without even knowing about its contents.

All these accessories fit neatly in the box’s padded interior. The box features a combo lock to keep everything even safer. As an added bonus, the box traps odors inside.
Many other “bound book” stash boxes are cheap and made of cardboard, but this is made of durable material. It’s a hand-bound, faux-leather-over-Linden-wood box.

Many parents purchase stash boxes with locks. On this list, you’ll find containers with both combination locks and traditional key locks. Either of these can keep children away from your cannabis stash, vape pens, or edibles.
The cannabis industry generates a lot of waste. Some dispensaries have acknowledged the industry’s not-so-green secret — and implemented recycling programs.
Bonus: If you use these glass jars to store your cannabis, you’ll be keeping a lot of plastic out of the landfill. Once you’ve smoked all your herb, you can re-use these jars for other purposes. Glass jars have endless uses!
Then again, if it gets too dried out, you’ll lose all the flavor and aroma.
This SimpleChoice Stash Container is a very affordable airtight container. It works best for people who don’t need to carry much cannabis at once. It is very small — smaller than a prescription bottle.

It does come with a smell-reducing baggie, if you want to enclose your herb in the baggie before hiding it in the brush.

The best weed containers will preserve the humidity levels of your bud. (Nobody likes dry, stale bud.) Discover the best weed containers for sale right now.