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best weed stash box

Best weed stash box

If the separate jars inside the box are open and unsealed, it means all the terpenes from your individual strains are going to contaminate each other. For example, let’s say you have collection of OG Kush, Jack Herer, and Lemon Skunk. These are three separate strains with wildly different flavours, smells, and effects. If you kept them all unsealed inside of the same box, the nuances that make each strain unique will disappear as the terpenes from each mix with one another. What was once a well curated collection becomes a disgusting mess that is akin to blasphemy.

The stash box market is fairly congested, but knowing the holy trinity of cannabis storage makes it much easier to find something that is worth your hard earned money. So, without further ado:
The third and final variable you should look for in the best stash boxes is the ability to stop terpenes from different strains cross contaminating with each other. There are several high-end weed stash boxes on the market today that allow you to monitor and control the humidity inside of the main box only. This means the separate jars must be unsealed and open to benefit from the controlled environment within the box. This is the wrong approach, and for several reasons.

The best humidity level to keep your weed in for long term storage is between 58% relative humidity and 62% relative humidity. As you’ll see in trinity point three, it is also imperative that you can monitor and control the humidity of each strain in your box separately. If you are looking for the best weed stash box, look for something that allows you to easily monitor and maintain the storage environment for each strain individually within the box.
Here at StashhBox, we believe your cannabis storage solution should be functional, as well as something you’ll be proud to show off. StashhBox was meticulously engineered to ensure the three points of the holy trinity are met. In addition, StashhBox looks sophisticated and includes must-have features like a lock, a built in rolling tray, and lots of room for you accessories.
In addition, the entire stash box would smell like a grow op, and that smell would likely spread throughout your entire house. When looking for the best weed stash box, turn away from anything that requires you to leave your strains unsealed inside of the box.
First, you need to reduce the amount of UV light your cannabis is exposed to. In order to keep things simple, store your cannabis somewhere dark where exposure to any type of light is minimized. The best weed stash boxes on the market today will be made of an opaque material that blocks any and all sources of light.
On the surface, cannabis storage seems like a simple concept. Buy some weed, toss it in a bag, and occasionally pull it out to roll one up. But then, one day you notice the same batch was harsh, and it didn’t get you nearly as high as before. This, my friends, is a direct result of poor cannabis storage, and it can be easily avoided.

Every StashhBox includes our signature StashhJar, an easy-to-use, airtight glass jar with a built in hygrometer that tells you at a glance if the environment inside is perfect for your cannabis. The StashhBox itself directly stops light from degrading your cannabis, while the StashhJars regulate humidity and eliminate all cross contamination of your precious cannabis collection. An easily customizable foam liner neatly lines the storage space inside the StashhBox, as well, providing protection for your most precious tools and accessories.

With so many stash boxes on the market today, how does one know what to buy? Fortunately, weed storage is a simple concept, and there are just three key points that need to be kept in mind when looking for the best weed stash box. In this article, we will outline the holy trinity of cannabis storage, and how to pick the best weed stash box.