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best weed in the world 2015

Best weed in the world 2015
Some producers think others might be falsely boosting test results by adding THC-laden substances to their samples.
“Stronger all the time”
Dr. Jonathan Page, an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia and founder of a Canadian cannabis biotech company, said it’s possible that “better growing conditions, as would be expected in a legal place, and good genetics are coupling together to push it beyond what we thought is the limit.”
But do consumers know what they’re getting? That’s murkier. As the state market develops, so does its testing program.
Randy Simmons, the state’s marijuana project director, said the system is off to a good start but needs tweaking.
Although it’s an imperfect system, don’t discount the idea that Washington could be growing increasingly powerful weed.
Simmons said marijuana officers are investigating several producers. So far, no violations have been recorded.
“In the medical world … people that do tests sometimes do pay for higher test results,” said Simmons. “I want to make sure that’s not happening on the recreational side.”
That doesn’t mean labs are doing a bad job or fudging results. The expensive equipment The Werc Shop uses is not required. For a microbial test, Douglass said, labs looking for a “shoestring budget” alternative to his automated incubator might use a petri dish to grow bacteria and then manually count colonies with a microscope.
When Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop opened in Seattle, owner Ian Eisenberg said he couldn’t compete with medical dispensaries’ lower prices, but he did have one advantage. “Ours is tested and…