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best weed for energy

Best weed for energy

Primary terpenes: Terpinolene, caryophyllene, pinene

The moment you unscrew the lid on Jillybean’s jar, the room fills with a sweet fragrance of oranges, honeyed mangoes, and sweet wildflowers. Jillybean is known to offer uplifting effects that make your mind soar with newfound inspiration without accelerating thoughts into a tangle of racy anxiety.

“When I smoke this, I really want to get up and go on adventures. I feel aware of my surroundings and can even focus very well. But, at the same time, feel very chill and carefree. Carefree is the best word to describe the feeling. You just feel ALIVE. You feel perfect.” – Shock_T

Some people are sensitive to THC. It can make them anxious, paranoid, sleepy, dizzy, or dry out the mouth and eyes. Luckily, not every energizing strain contains high levels of THC. Take the high-CBD Harlequin for example. This strain provides a weightless sensation with minimal cerebral effects, making it an excellent choice for any tasks that require clearheaded cognition.
Late one night, I was struggling to finish an article and my eyes were beginning to heavy. I fired up my vaporizer, loaded some Durban Poison, and breathed in the sweet and spicy vapor. Within minutes, I found myself hammering away at the keyboard with resurrected creativity and engagement. Some suspect that this strain’s energy comes from elevated levels of the cannabinoid THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), but more research is needed to understand the effects of this molecule.

“A great all-around daytime strain, Chocolope eases my worries and helps me get stuff done that I would be otherwise too stressed to handle. All of a sudden doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and running errands doesn’t feel like too much. This strain lifts the weight of the world off my shoulders and makes me want to do stuff!” – PhantomSpaceman

Primary terpenes: Not enough data
Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

  • THC-dominant strains are highly euphoric, and many of these varieties can actually cause sleepiness and a foggy head. The high-THC strains that appear in the list below are reported to be uplifting and inspiring, theoretically due to differences in their chemical makeup beyond THC. For high-THC strains, look for strains made up of pointed diamonds below.
  • High-CBD strains or balanced CBD/THC strains contain much lower levels of THC, meaning they will provide only a gentle high (or no detectable high whatsoever). If you’re going for clear-headed relief of stress, choose a strain with little to no THC. For varieties containing CBD, look for strains composed of circles.

Certain cannabis strains can actually provide a good deal of energy, allowing you to keep active and crush fatigue. These seven are great starting points.

Best weed for energy

A well-known sativa, Columbia Gold is an energizing strain with none of the anxiety, paranoia, and fatigue of others. This strain is the perfect all-day strain to keep you uplifted and ready for anything. In fact, medical patients use it to fight appetite issues, aches and pains, stress, and exhaustion. Before your next workout, try Columbia Gold for its easy-to-manage high.

Sour Diesel is a hybrid that offers an intense effect on both your body and your mind. If you need something to motivate you to get moving or help improve your mood, try Sour Diesel. Interestingly enough, the unique floral tones coupled with diesel offer an interesting aroma and flavor you won’t soon forget.
Another sativa, Lemon Haze is another extremely popular strain that High Times awarded its Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009. Bred from Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, this sativa has a strong lemon flavor that wakes you up. Want a sense of euphoria with a heightened sense of creativity with your energy? Try Lemon Haze to give you a mood boost and to skyrocket your energy. It’s not recommended for newbies because of 25% THC content.

There are three main species of the cannabis plant: sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Most people know about sativa and indica because these are the widespread species most commonly smoked or ingested. However, as we learn more about the medicinal properties of the plant, breeders are creating new strains based on specific properties offering different results to the user. For example, certain strains can help you with medical issues like seizures, insomnia, and diseases, while others provide a boost of energy better than caffeine or energy drinks.
Acid Dough is a hybrid developed from Lilly and OG Badazz. If you need a high that offers a vibrant, stimulant effect, try Acid Dough. Featuring 80% sativa in its genetic makeup, this strain offers an intense, uplifting high. You’ll also enjoy its unique flavor thanks to the Lilly plant with hints of tropical fruits. Get ready to work out, go dancing, or just rearrange the furniture.
If you’ve been partaking for a while as a cannabis veteran, you’ll enjoy the speedy buzz from Ghost Train Haze. On Leafly’s list of the strongest strains because of high THC content, Ghost Train Haze makes you feel quite euphoric thanks to a trippy buzz. If you want to emphasize an outdoor excursion or just appreciate your surroundings at home, try this sativa blend on your next adventure.
XJ-13 is a hybrid that boasts wonderful aromas of lime, lemon, and tropical fruit that packs a significant effect. One consumer on Leafly reportedly said, “This instinctively feels like an amazing strain for those with social anxiety as it brings your energy levels and creative thinking up.” If you want to let go of stress and limiting thoughts, try XJ-13. You might actually like conversation, cultural arts, and other activities.
Whether you need something to keep you going during the daytime, at the after-work happy hour, or even entertaining into the wee hours after the party, try Ecto-Cooler. Providing a euphoric feeling without making your brain work too much, Ecto-Cooler can also offer a productive boost if you don’t take it to the limit. If you need to maintain focus, a few puffs of Ecto-Cooler can help.

Around for over a decade, Juanita la Lagrimosa is a hybrid from Queen Mother and NYCD that has won awards in several prestigious events. You’ll love the unique effect caused by a perfectly balance ratio of THC to CBD—1:1. Try Juanita la Lagrimosa for a clean, cerebral effect that’s uplifting to improve your mood and be a social butterfly at gatherings. The fruity, hasty flavor is one you won’t forget.

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