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best strains to grow in high heat

Best strains to grow in high heat

This is decomposed organic material that has been thoroughly composted. It has the same beneficial aspects of worm manure but can be mixed in higher amounts in your soil mix. Some compost can even be used pure.

Cannabis is not an orchid and it’s not a cactus. It doesn’t like to be periodically drenched in water or grow in excessive humidity (60% +) like an orchid. It also doesn’t enjoy growing in a dried-up substrate or in a high mixture of perlite/sand like a cactus.
Above average temperatures quickly lead to clogged drip systems in hydroponics. The nutrient solution in drips evaporates leaving fertilizer salt residues behind that block free passage. Feeding tanks may also develop slimy residues if not cleaned and filled with fresh nutrient solution regularly. This will also clog the system. For some reason drips that are hardest to reach tend to clog the most often! So check your system regularly if all plants are receiving their nutrient solution – especially if you are using rockwool which dries up super-fast.

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  • BioMagix (and the BioFilter)
  • Endomycorrhizal fungi
  • Weak ventilation:

Many plant care mistakes occur because growers pick up bits and pieces of information here and there but do not really understand how, and if, they fit together in cannabis cultivation.

  • High amount of perlite/vermiculite/coarse matter (wood chips, etc.) in soil:

Mandala Seeds breeds heat resistant strains. Several factors make our marijuana strains perform better: genetics, breeding, adaptation, hybrid vigour.

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(01:15) 3. Sweet Tooth Auto Feminised Seeds
best strains to grow in high heat – Seedsman Reviews

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(01:45) 2. Blue Mystic Auto Feminised Seeds
I just wanted to get together a list of some of the best high yielding strains growers have used on here

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