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best strains for studying

Best strains for studying

Both Dr. Tishler and Renko agree that edibles aren’t the best way to go for partnered sex because they’re too slow and unpredictable.

Loads of things! But since we’re talking about cannabis and sex, here are a few other cannabis products made with sexy time in mind.
Edibles need to pass through your digestive system before they take effect. Your BMI and other factors also affect how quickly they kick in.

Looks like getting your “Kush” on is the way to go if any self-consciousness is making your adult playtime less enjoyable.
Communication is key to great sex and it needs to happen before you get high. Cannabis can impair your judgment and cause sedation if you take too much.
Set aside the chocolate and oysters, there’s a new aphrodisiac in town that can help take your sexual pleasure to another level. Yep, we’re talking about cannabis.

  • G13, a potent indica
  • Cannatonic, a low-THC, high-CBD hybrid
  • Harlequin, a sativa-dominant strain

Clinical research on cannabis suppositories is limited.

THC and CBD-infused lube is a thing — and a damn wonderful thing according to many who’ve tried them.

Sure, you’ve heard it from friends, but the research is also in: Cannabis and sex is a potent and pleasurable combo. Experts told us how to choose the right strain and product for the most mind-blowing sexual experience — no matter what type of mood you’re in.

Best strains for studying

Think about the skills required for the task you want to take on. Are you sitting down to study? Are you writing a paper? Do you have a long day of meetings? Attending a social function? The strains on our list have different strengths for different types of situations you may need to focus on. Before choosing, think about what skills you want to help boost that will help you with the task ahead.

According to popular lore, Green Crack was named by cannabis legend, Snoop Dogg, after sampling the strain’s effects. Green Crack provides a euphoric and creative sativa high that can help boost inspiration. This makes Green Crack a good option for staying focused while tackling mundane tasks like dishes and laundry. Be aware that this is more of a mental than physical strain, so not great for those looking for physical relief. Be careful of your dosage if you are prone to anxiety, as Green Crack in high enough doses can make it worse.
Chem Dawg hits you fast and makes you hyper-aware of your surroundings. It can even feel slightly psychedelic at times. The initial head rush fades into a productive cerebral high that can even be introspective or social depending on the setting. This sativa-dominant hybrid has some indica in its genetics that gives it a physically relaxing effect but doesn’t lock you to the couch.

Super Lemon Haze is known to provide consumers a creeping high that gives a strong stoned feeling in the body but is mentally stimulating at the same time. Fans of the strain recommend it for activities that are both physically and mentally stimulating, like exercise.
I f you are anything like this author, you may struggle to get started and stay on task when there’s work to do. We all need help with feeling motivated sometimes. How many people can’t start their day without their morning coffee? Caffeine may work for some, but some of us are looking for a “greener” boost. We already know that different strains of cannabis have different effects ranging from sleepy to energetic, and from hazy-minded to sharp. So, when there’s work to be done, the strain you choose for your warm-up joint will make a big difference to how well you focus. Try out one of these clear-headed strains to boost your workflow.
As you might have observed, our list is comprised of mostly sativas, with only a few hybrids making an appearance and no pure indicas. Pure indica strains tend to have a more physical, tiring effect which can make it difficult to feel motivated to take on a new task. If you are turning to cannabis to help with focus and productivity, it’s also important to notice what prevents you from focusing. Do you struggle with ADHD? Do you have depression or chronic fatigue and struggle to feel motivated to start certain tasks? Does a physical problem like pain or headaches get in your way? The more specifically you can narrow down your problems with focus, the more accurately you can choose the right strain to help you.
Durban Poison is an especially good choice if you are facing up to an intellectual task that requires mental focus. This strain leaves you with a clear-headed high that can make the world around you seem especially sharp. Some users have even described Durban Poison as “meditative.” This effect may be especially helpful for those who suffer from conditions like depression and ADHD, which can get in the way of focus. Durban Poison can be used for focus at any time of the day and might be best for consumers who don’t want a supremely citrusy sativa like Lemon Haze.
OG Kush gives consumers more of a head high than a body high, but it doesn’t make your mind race like some other sativas can. The uplift in mood and mental stimulation that this classic strain provides makes it a good choice for conversations or meetings. Consumers claim it also has the bonus effect of treating migraines, which is good news if your headaches get in the way of productivity.

Lamb’s Bread provides an energetic boost and pleasant euphoria that makes it a great strain for productivity. The drive that this hybrid strain can provide makes it a good choice for morning smoke sessions, too. It’s also a favorite of artists and musicians for its creative cerebral high. Consumers with ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder have reported finding Lamb’s Bread to be a particularly helpful strain for them.

Did you know that people use cannabis for motivation? It's true! There are many marijuana strains that are great for focus and clarity. Keep reading to learn more about the best cannabis strains for productivity.