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best strains for hot humid climate

Super Silver Haze is suitable for both SCROG and SOG growing methods. Indoors, expect yields of up top 600 gm per m2. Plants grown outside will produce massive yields of up to 1500gm per m2.

The taste and smell of this strain recall fresh, fruity berries. High in THC, Super Silver Haze has a powerful amnesiac effect that almost instantly transports you to the higher sphere. The carefree, relaxed feeling lasts a long time and as the peak falls, your energy levels rise. Medicinally, this strain helps relieve stress, improve the appetite and in treating depression.
• The light cycle

Moisture levels are the other main concern. Tropical climates typically have one or even two rainy seasons a year, which can mean that plants grown outdoors are likely to be susceptible to mould and rot. The longer raindrops remain on the plant, the more likely it is that mould will develop. If covering the plants during rainy periods is not possible, growers should shake the plants after rainfall to remove as much moisture as possible.
The flowering time of Amnesia Haze can vary from between 11 – 13 weeks. This Sativa dominant (70%) strain can be grown in a greenhouse when the plants will remain compact. While the plants remain small, they will produce both large and small brown-green buds with a rich coating of resinous crystals. This strain will produce good yields of up to 650 grams per plant when grown by the SCROG or SOG methods.
Grown outdoors in hot, humid climates, Amnesia Haze plants will grow up to 200cm tall and give a yield of up to 700grams per plant. Harvesting is in late October. THC levels will vary depending on growing conditions but up to 20% THC content is common.
This Sativa weed strain has its origins in Durban in South Africa so is a natural choice for hot climates. Durban Poison strain was further hybridised by breeders in the USA and the Netherlands but is also suitable for growing outdoors in areas with shorter summers.
• Humidity levels

There’s a good reason why cannabis is known as weed: it can grow and thrive in most parts of the world. However, some climates present growers with more of a challenge than others, and growing cannabis in regions with high levels of heat and humidity means coping with a few issues that just aren’t an issue elsewhere.

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One of the cannabis strains that do well in hot climate is the “Amnesia Haze.” It is known to grow in Amsterdam. This is a sativa strain and it is grown outdoors in sunny climates. Its genes make it possible to grow it in countries like South Asia and Jamaica; among others. It is popularly used during the day for people looking for relief from stress, pain, fatigue and migraines.

If you live in climate that is warm, hot and sunny, you are considered to be lucky once you are a cannabis grower. In fact, you will have more options to explore in comparison to growers that live in other climates. You have limitless opportunities to grow weed and have an abundant harvest.
“Northern Lights” is one of those popular cannabis strains that are easy to cultivate in warm climate. When you choose this strain, you cannot go wrong. This is especially true since it is a choice made by a lot of avid stoners that want to enjoy a good smoke. It is also one of those cannabis strains that help patients with chronic pain, stress, insomnia and lack of appetite.

You can expect the harvest in late October and a yield of about 450 grams for each plant. If you have a creative mind, you will love the flavor and aroma of this strain. It will help you to write your next hit song or best seller book.
Many artists love this strain because it gives a creative high. It is high in THC content. You can expect to have a ready harvest in the latter part of October. The plant can give the grower a yield of 700 grams or more.
Tangerine Dream is one of the cannabis strains that can be grown in dry and warm climates. Many stoners love this strain because of its aroma and flavor that has them coming back to get more. As it relates to cultivating this strain, the grower will have a lot of flexibility. This is especially true, if the grower is a novice. No matter if the grower is experienced or new to the game; the harvest for Tangerine Dream will be generously distributed. This is one of the cannabis strains that growers will find to be easy and fast to grow. In fact, it takes up to ten weeks to go through the flowering stage.
The LSD strain grows well in hot climate. It is one of the cannabis strains gives the user a nice cerebral high. When it is consumed, the user will have a nice feeling. It is also medicinally effective in reducing depression, relieving fatigue and helping with pain, stress and lack of appetite.
However, it is going to be important to select the appropriate marijuana plants. Your best friend is the summer months, in this case, but you also have the advantage of year round warmth in the climate. We have put together a list of recommendations as to the cannabis strains that you should consider at all times.

LSD Strain

Learn more about the top cannabis strains that you can cultivate if you live in a location where the climate is hot. These are essential things to know.