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best sativa strain to grow indoors

Best sativa strain to grow indoors

This strain was recommended to me by my cousin, who went to Amsterdam and told me it was the best strain he’d ever tried. I fell in love with this strain due to how fast it flowers and its amazing buds. This plant has a strange color that not many other plants have; it has an almost radioactive green color to it. The buds are hard like rocks and have an exquisite aroma that’s hard to describe; you’ll just have to try it yourself. It grows quite nicely indoors, even better than outdoors due to how dense and heavy the buds are; they don’t deal too well with humidity.

It’s known to take much longer to grow, which is due to its incredibly long flowering period which is over 10 weeks, going over 15 weeks in some cases. This long flowering period is due to the fact sativas originally grew somewhere that had pretty regular amounts of sun all year and the time the sun is in the sky hardly varies, so flower growth is slow and progressive. This is why these strains aren’t usually grown indoors and we don’t recommend growing them indoors. In order to grow a sativa plant indoors is by setting it to flower with a 12/12h light period almost instantly so that you have a chance to control its growth a bit.
They grow quite vigorously, growing up easily and growing over three meters tall when planted right outdoors. Indoors if you don’t tame them they may end up growing much too large to sustain. They have wide internodes and plenty of branches, allowing them to absorb light almost all around and given them a nice airy foliage. Their trunks and branches aren’t as sturdy as indica strains; they’re slightly elastic, which is why it’s necessary to use tutors in order to prevent breaking.

Sativa weed has always been known for their intense, potent, mental and sometimes psychotropic effects. It’s one of the most consumed cannabis for recreational smoking. It also produces incredibly mentally stimulating, physically active, creative, energetic, anti-depressant effects too. It can reach a point where it produces anxiety, which is due to its incredibly high THC content and low CBD content. We do not recommend using this type of cannabis for relaxing or sleeping.
This was the first strain that I ever smoked and I remember it like it was yesterday. It can grow 3m tall over just one season and can easily produce over 1kg if planted in the ground with plenty of organic nutrients. This plant likes to grow without too much fuss, and not a lot of fertilizer; it prefers slow releasing mixes in the substrate rather than a liquid concoction. The best way to grow this plant is in some decent sunlight. Find your preferred spot and dig a hole, in which you’ll put 50L of light substrate and 3kg of worm hummus. When summer comes around (here in Spain, around the 21 st of June) then you’ll need to give the plant a dose of bat guan around the trunk. Dig a sort of moat around the trunk, at about 20cm, and scoop about 15 spoonfuls of bat guano into it.
Sativa plants are generally delicate plants that you need to treat quite carefully and with plenty of patience; learning to grow sativas can be tricky. Nowadays you can get high-percentage sativa plants that can be grown without many issues, although if you’re dealing with a pure sativa is generally isn’t the case.
Today we’re going to talk about our top 5 sativa weed strains that we’ve tried and tested. Hopefully our experiences will help you learn about more about this particular kind of weed, and pick out that perfect sativa strain that you’ve been thinking of growing; learn how to get the best possible results with a few simple tips and tricks.
When smoked the effect is much more relaxing than many other sativas, allowing you to relax your brain while still feeling active. It’s perfect for people that are stressed at work and need to get it off of their mind. Power Plant helps you to forget about stressful things and relaxes both body and mind, allowing you the mental energy to do more fun, relaxing activities. When planted outdoors it should be ready towards the end of September, which is pretty decent for a Sativa strain, although indoors it will take just 8 weeks to flower. It puts up quite well with decent amounts of fertilizers, and by using a mineral range of fertilizers you can get the absolute most out of the buds.

This might just be the best sativa strain ever, and if you ask anyone that’s grown it they’d tell you the same thing; Kali Mist is strong, easy to grow although delicate when it comes to feeding, delicious and potent. It’s one of the most-grown sativa strains of all times. It’s a bit complicated to grow indoors due to how large it grows and its incredibly fast flowering period – in as far as actually feeding and taking care of it, it’s not that complicated. Due to how strong it grows and the growth spurt it produces during the flowering period, you can grow it under 12/12h right from the start. You can get great results using this method indoors without needing to worry about how tall it’s going to grow.

In this article we deal with some of the best sativa weed strains that we've ever tried; the fastest, best tasting Sativa strains.

Of course, not all indica strains are ideal for all users. Indicas tend to be very sedative and may be finicky if exposed to high temperatures. In these cases, some sativa strains may be better for indoor grows. Though they tend to take longer to grow full size (which is much taller and fluffier than indica strains), they are better able to handle the sometimes high temperature of grow rooms, especially those equipped with High Intensity Discharge lights (HIDs).

Most indoor grow spaces are smaller than outdoor grows so you’ll need to look for plants that will produce dense flowers in small spaces, especially when growing in a small tent or closet. You’ll also need to calculate how many plants you’ll keep in your grow space.
For those who prefer sativa stains, we recommend Chemdawg because it trains well using the SCROG method to produce a large harvest from a single plant. It can also handle slight droughts and grows best in temperatures between 68 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Other great sativa strains for indoor grows include Durban Poison, Tangerine Haze and LA Kush.

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Generally, you’ll be limited to a certain number of both flowering and vegetative plants. Seedlings aren’t usually considered to be part of the plant count but will take up space no less so add them as well.
J ust because it’s a little cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own weed at home. Growing cannabis indoors is a great way to keep a healthy, steady harvest year-round and choosing the best strains for indoor grows will ensure the process is as easy – and rewarding – as possible.
Growing cannabis indoors is both fun and rewarding, and with the proper indoor setup, you can have a fresh harvest every month or two. For the most success (and fewest headaches), we suggest choosing strains based on your indoor environment and therapeutic requirements.
Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get down to the heart of the issue: which strains work best for indoor grows. Because of their small size, quick grow time, and dense flower production, most indoor growers prefer indica strains. Easy beginner indica strains include Northern Lights because of its high yield, small size, and powerful, long-lasting high; Hash Plant because of its amazing flavor, high trichome production, and ability to withstand stress; and Twilight for its stress resistance, high resin production, and theraputic high.

Conversely, sativa strains, which evolved in more temperate climates, have adapted by growing tall and thin and tend to take their time to reach full size. This means that indica plants, though smaller by nature, can produce more weight in a shorter amount of time than their sativa counterparts.

Winter is here and that means it's the perfect time to start up your indoor cannabis grow! Learn more about growing marijuana indoors and some of the best strains to plant for the best results!