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best outdoor strains for new england

Best outdoor strains for new england

However, you aren’t going to be successful if you aren’t familiar with the best outdoor cannabis strains for your climate and your growing experience. The best outdoor strains for Florida, for instance, might not be the best outdoor strains for New England – or the best outdoor strain given your gardening know-how.

A rapidly flowering and vigorous grower, Critical Kush can also be considered one of the best Michigan outdoor strains. It has a diverse profile that allows it to rank highly just about anywhere you turn. An indica strain, this plant produces potent buds that are sturdy and plentiful. You’ll get up to 550g per plant when grown outdoors, with average THC levels of 20%.

Critical Kush
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One of the best outdoor strains for New England, White Widow is incredibly potent and has a gorgeous appearance. It can be grown outdoors even if you live in a cooler climate – but it also thrives in warm growing environments, too.
A sativa-dominant strain, this plant does well in unpredictable climates. Native to Amsterdam, this northern European strain is the ideal outdoor plant.

White Widow

You don't have to be limited by a lack of indoor space while growing marijuana. Simply grow one of these 10 Best Outdoor Strains.