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best outdoor strain for high yield

All the commercial growers go after the cash crops , i.e., the Highest Yielding Strains.

The taste of the strain is spicy and creamy .
After smoking, you can expect this best outdoor strain to give you a good body buzz along with a very stoned high. As the THC level is moderate on this weed, beginners won’t have adverse effects on their trip.

You will experience a sweet and earthy taste from it and also a lot of blueberry and diesel tones as well. The after effect of smoking consists of stoned, bliss, and happiness experience.
Once you smoke it, the high is going to linger around for a long period of time. It has a little skunk taste to it and a cool earthy aroma.
The breeders have specially designed it to be used as medical marijuana and for recreational users who are experienced with smoking cannabis.
The breeders have mixed Russian, Colombian and Afghani strain to make this strain.
The flavor is going to be like hashish along with little hints of earth and wood. If you like smooth smoke , then you might not like this strain as it is rough when smoked. You might want to smoke the strain with a bong or vape it to reduce the harshness.

The strain is developed by mixing NY City Diesel with Original White Widow.

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Best outdoor strain for high yield

Having been bred for outdoor farming in California, Blue Dream reaches its full potential under the sun. It responds well to a Mediterranean climate and takes off vertically. Blue Dream grows lanky and tall, but produces dense buds which help to make its yields exceptional.

White Widow is a famous Amsterdam hybrid that was created by crossing landrace strains from Southern India and Brazil. Now famous worldwide, White Widow is known for its impressive resin production and powerful euphoria. Consumers may celebrate its effects, but growers celebrate White Widow’s large yields.
There’s a reason why this award-winning hybrid remains popular since its birth in the 90s. Not only is this strain a heavy yielder, White Widow is resilient toward mold and pests, and flowering wraps up in just eight to nine weeks. White Widow fares best in indoor gardens, so find some seeds and watch this plant take off.

Another outdoor California classic, Purple Trainwreck is famous for its high yields and ease of growing. This strain was created by the Humboldt Seed Organization by crossing the longtime favorite Trainwreck with Mendocino Purps. The resulting hybrid holds onto both Trainwreck’s wonderful aroma and effects and Mendo Purp’s weight and resilience. Purple Trainwreck offers a euphoric and uplifting high, making it a perfect strain for entry-level consumers looking for a mellow experience.
Any moisture influx will cause Critical Kush’s buds to mold from the inside out, which is why this strain needs to be grown in a space where humidity can be precisely regulated. For this reason, growing indoors or in a greenhouse is recommended. Heavy feeding is necessary to ensure the buds grow dense, healthy, and heavy.
Critical Kush was created by breeding two legendary strains, Critical Mass and OG Kush. Its parent strain Critical Mass is known for its sweet citrus flavor while OG Kush brings to the table earthy flavors and potency. With their forces combined, Critical Kush inherits potency, flavor, and heavy yields.
The quality of Blue Dream varies widely depending on how it was grown, hence why so many connoisseurs steer toward other genetics. As a popular high-yielding strain, many cultivators grow Blue Dream as a cash crop without putting enough attention towards the quality of the product. Try finding a quality Blue Dream and see if this changes your opinion.
Blue Dream is regarded as the most popular strain in the United States. This hybrid is heavy-yielding, mildew-resistant, flavorful, easy to find, and calming in effects. Due to its overwhelming presence and pacifying, mellow euphoria, Blue Dream is popular among novice consumers. However, many connoisseurs and heavy consumers have moved past the Blue Dream hype.

Cheese Quake combines the power of a quality strain with high yields. Created by TGA Subcool Seeds, this indica-dominant hybrid combines genetics from Cheese and Querkle. Its effects strike a balance between cerebral and physical, elevating the mind while saddling the body with relief. The aroma is sour and funky like cheese, with sweet fruity undertones.

When cultivating cannabis, growers aim to produce a potent, fragrant bud–and ideally, lots of it. Consider sowing these strains if you’re looking to achieve a bigger harvest this year.