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best medical strains

Best medical strains
The first known record of cannabis use for medicinal properties was found in ancient Chinese medical records from 2737 BC. Large amounts of pollen were also found in the Netherlands, dating back to 2459 BC, alongside another herb typically used in ancient medicines, meaning that the pollen in question was most-likely used for pain relief.
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Solodiol CBD by Elite Seeds is a strain designed for those that want to make the most of the medicinal properties of CBD without the psychoactive effect.
When grown outdoors it does well, putting up quite the fight when it comes to humidity and fungi thanks to its open, aired buds. It may take until the end of November to fully mature, although the wait is definitely worth it thanks to the enormous yields it can give and its incredible pain-relief medicinal effects. Make sure to cure it after drying it and you’ll have one of the best medicinal cannabis strains on your hands.
Marihuana is experiencing a world-wide phenomenon right now; it’s being legalized left, right and center. This means that many more people are beginning to become interested in medicinal marihuana for their illnesses and oth
One of the best medicinal strains out there is the world-renowned Kali Mist. Like all good sativas, Kali Mist is a bit complicated to grow indoors as it can grow to massive sizes. If you have enough space and sativa strains sound like they’d be good for your particular illnesses, we highly recommend growing some Kali Mist. This strain is actually the most-recommended strain for menstrual pain in women.
Sativa buds are capable of reducing nausea, increasing concentration, reducing physical pain, increasing creativity, reducing stress, increasing energy and improving your mood. Medicinal sativa strains are specially indicated for depression, ADHD, Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, chronic pain etc.
Cannabis has been around for thousands and thousands of years, has been used medicinally for quite a large portion of that time (although there are also signs of recreational use) and wasn’t made illegal until the start of the 20 th century.
Indica strains are known for their intense effects that’ll calm and sedate most consumers – this effect is pretty much the opposite from sativa strains. Unlike sativa strains, indicas can be used to treat anxiety thanks the fact that they’re mainly sedating and calming; perfect for someone in the midst of an anxiety attack. Using that exact logic, these types of strains should not be used to treat depression; patients suffering from depression do not want a strain that will sedate them even more, they’d be better off with a more energetic sativa.
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