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best magnifying glass for weed

Best magnifying glass for weed
A smartphone combined with a USB microscope is the ideal way to analyze trichomes. However, your smartphone must have the OTG feature to make use of this capability.
Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of this Trichome scope is that you will be able to harvest your marijuana at the right time.
The majority of pistils or hairs on the marijuana plant should stick out straight. Ultimately, what this means is that they are not ready to harvest, and your plant still has many weeks ago.
When you’ve worked long and hard to tend to, love, and care for your marijuana, the last thing you want is to ruin the fruits of your labor by harvesting too early or too late.
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Handheld magnifiers are probably the easiest to use since they have the widest viewing angle; however, they don’t zoom in close enough.
Ultimately, it provides suitable solutions to the usual problems concerning pests and plants. It also offers targeted and optimal illumination. Batteries are included, and so is a case to make it compact and lightweight as possible.
Since trichomes are way too small to be seen with the naked eye, you need a magnifier such as this one with either a 30× or 60x lens to determine the optimal time to harvest.
It’s also ergonomic and lightweight thanks to its special design and is only 6.5oz in weight. It also gives you quite a comfortable grip in your hands so you can be used for longer periods of time.
Knowing how to view and analyze trichomes on your marijuana plants is the key to harvesting at the right moment and ultimately reaping optimum yields.