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best cheap nutrients for cannabis

Best cheap nutrients for cannabis

Are you throwing away your premium-price bagged soil after each crop or heavily dosing your plants with nutrients and additives without any significant increase in yield?

Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and pour it into bottles for storage. Keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to use them.
Manure recipes are as old as agriculture itself. Man started to notice that where animals went to do their business, flora would flourish. Manure, to this day, continues to be one of the main agricultural inputs across the globe.

The secret to a grade-A yield is the right proportion of these constituents at the right time. In this sense, these nutrient lines are quite convenient.
Indoors or outdoors, you can compost your kitchen rejects like onion skins and egg shells or leftover salads; better still, use the stems and leaves from your last crop! To that, add some worms to drive your composting, and soon you will save tons on soil, recycling it into a world-class grow medium!
The main reason for making organic nutrients is quite simple; they can be extremely cheap (or free), and you can make them in your backyard or kitchen with household appliances. They are often very easy to make, are not dangerous, and ultimately, are more environmentally friendly.

  • N – nitrogen
  • P – phosphorus
  • K – potassium

Little changes like adding compost teas will have a compounding effect. Your plants will grow more vigorously, and your soil will not deplete so aggressively.

There seem to be two distinct schools of thought; one involves modern, petrochemical-intensive monoculture production, where sterile conditions and precise metric manipulation of variables are intended to maximise production. Bottled nutrients with strict NPK values and a short pH-range are utilised to minimise deficiencies and support robust growth.

Did you know you can save a ton on fertilizer? We show you how with an overview of homemade organic fertilizers.

Best cheap nutrients for cannabis


pH and Electrical Conductivity in Hydroponics


  • Not organic
  • Artificially colored using dyes
  • Not many reviews

This system is easier to use than three part combinations, but you can still get a good degree of customization from it. This nutrient combo can be used for plants other than cannabis as well.
Price: $71.20 for 3 gallons

  • 100% Organic
  • Won’t clog hydro systems
  • Perfect for soil systems
  • Made in the USA

Either way, you will also need to purchase pH Up and Down solution. If you adjust your pH manually, make sure to dilute the solution first so that you do not cause precipitation in your nutrient solution.

Grow the biggest plants and the most potent buds with these top quality hydroponic nutrient solutions. Whether you have a full hydro setup or are growing indoors with soil, these nutrient brands have you covered.