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best cbd oil for vaping reddit

I love CBD too, looks like we have something in common lol I use CBD for my arthritis and anxiety and it works wonders! If you’re looking to vape CBD oils, then hands down, you gotta use the CBD discreet by Kind Pen. Its made specifically for vaping oils, and is our top pick CBD vaporizer. See our review of it here:

If you want full spectrum vape products we offer those in vape pen kits, and also a vape additive so you don’t have to be stuck with a flavor you may not like and can keep your own with your preferred e-juice. It requires a minimal amount of work to mix with your e-juice, but less expensive overall and allows you to determine how much you want to add to each tank.
There are also many beloved brands for this here such as JACBD, infiniteCBD, and a few others so take a look around by searching the sub and see who says what. There will be pro’s and con’s on all of them, but do not vape anything that doesn’t say its a vape product- such as tinctures – that can potentially cause lipid pneumonia.

If you need help finding a good e-liquids, there’s a ton of great options. Are you going to use a CBD e-liquid or a CBD additive?
I love CBD. I’ve smoked high strains before and it’s helped me a ton but my situation has changed and now I’d like to only vape.. I know nothing about vaping oils. I intend to vape only cbd concentrated oil. What do you guys use to vape your CBD?
Do you know if the CBD Discreet ships to Europe?
am I understanding correctly that the discreet will allow me to use cbd oil in it like dutch natural healing’s stuff as well as ejuice containing cbd?
PS: I know there’s a link in the sidebar for isolates but I’m looking for a good vape that will let me vape CBD oil with a trusted and decent vape ! Thanks for all the help.

What do you like about the Discreet Kind Pen so much? I’ve been researching but I was wondering what your personal experience was it with it! I hope this isn’t too late to ask

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