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best autoflowering strains

Best autoflowering strains

No matter how much you argue that cannabis actually motivates you, nobody listens. Scientists even name it as the Amotivational Syndrome where your energy levels are completely zapped. But, as a cannabis user, you know that it’s just not true. To understand whether cannabis is really the culprit, you need to study the brain.

In short, cannabis doesn’t reduce motivation or productivity. On the contrary, many users including Seth Rogen state that it boosts their creativity. So, rather than relying on rumors, stick to your personal experience. Does cannabis make you sleepy? Then it’s time to change the strain. Does it make you groggy? Then choose Sativa strains! As simple as that.
Since it’s established that THC increases the dopamine production in the body, it’s easy to discern how cannabis is indirectly responsible for motivating you. Of course, the levels of dopamine may diminish for long-term users since the body stops producing dopamine when external factors are making up for it. However, dopamine levels will return back to normal if you take a break from cannabis.

Basically, the striatum located in the human brain can throw some light on such questions. It connects your actions to rewards. Just think about the number of times you felt good after great sex or how you squealed in delight after stealing some candies as a kid. That’s dopamine for you. In simple words, the striatum helps you remember the rewards you received when you performed a particular action.
Here’s a quick video showing how to grow medical strains. Remember that it will totally help with insomnia!
The Green Crack Auto is a beautiful strain that tastes like mangoes. It’s a strain that can be enjoyed just as you wake up in the mornings. Truth be told, it’s like having a mango smoothie blended with magic pills that force you out of your slumber.
For as long as I can remember, cannabis has always been associated with laziness. People are quick to assume and don’t hesitate to spread rumors indicating that it reduces motivation, decreases creativity and blah, blah, blah. Remember the time your friends laughed at you, calling you a lazy stoner no matter how agile or creative you were?
Most strains that are Indica-dominant will produce a body buzz that will increase the urge to sleep. And it’s exactly why they are used to cure insomnia too. On the other hand, Sativas are known to increase creativity. Many Sativa strains are also “wake-and-bake” strains that don’t hinder your productivity even if you smoke them the first thing in the morning.

The best way to find an ideal strain that works is to experiment. Try different strains with different levels of THC and your body will guide you to the one that’s simply perfect for you. Here are a few autoflower strains that can help you focus and increase productivity as well.

For as long as I can remember, cannabis has always been associated with laziness. People are quick to assume and don’t hesitate to spread rumors indicatin

Best autoflowering strains

Gender: Feminised
Variety: sativa dominant
THC: 15 – 20%
Yield: XXL
Type of flowering: Autoflowering

Auto Glue Berry is mostly sativa and is ideal for SOG and SCROG setups. For an autoflower, it has a relatively long flowering time of 11 weeks, but that has not stopped the Amsterdam Seed Center selling loads of these. The smoke report suggests flavours of diesel, fruits and blueberry.
Type of flowering: Autoflowering

Even for an experienced pro, growing cannabis is not always straight forward. We think you should keep things simple and one of the best ways to do that is by growing autoflowers. Autoflowering strains are relatively new and debates about them can cause the best of friends to fall out.
Once you’ve stopped arguing, it is time to agree on what to grow. To help you, we have put together a list of our best selling autos. In no particular order, here are the Amsterdam Seed Centers most in-demand auto-flowering strains.
Dutch Passion constantly strives to bring their customer base the very best of quality and variety and with this particular well selling auto-flowering strain they crossed Glueberry OG and Auto Blueberry. It has been well noted that this strain inherits the potent effects and amazing taste of its parents.
GG or Gorilla Glue, as it was formerly known as, carries one of the most distinctive flavours on the market and is regarded by many as one of the best hybrids you can grow. We were not shocked to see high demand for an automatic version of a popular feminised strain Fast Buds have delivered with this one, their auto version carries all the traits of the fem version and has pleased more customers that we can count.
Bloody Skunk brought to you by Sweet Seeds is a perfect auto-flowering strain for those who love old school skunk. It is a sweet skunk/red poison cross and will finish 8 weeks from germination. A number of growers have commented that this one will leave you with dry mouth but deliver a happy high, so be sure to hydrate. During growth, growers have noted this plant to have the unique aroma of a pungent skunk plant. It is good to grow indoor and out, and will develop great bud structure and striking purple hues.

Gender: Feminised
Variety: 70% Satvia 20% indica 10% ruderalis
THC : High THC (18%)
Yield: medium to large

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