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berry white strain outdoor

Berry white strain outdoor

Strain Overview: Berry White is a cross between the well-known strains White Widow and Blueberry. Combining these famous strains produced a flavorful, resinous, well-balanced hybrid with effects that pull from both sides of the indica-sativa spectrum, leaving the consumer feeling relaxed while still engaged by conversation and activity.

Indoor/Outdoor: Berry White will produce well indoors or out. Growing in soils outdoors can help develop a stronger blueberry aroma.
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Feeding: Moderate feeding should keep this hybrid strain happy.
Grow Difficulty: Easy
Climate: Berry White likes a warmer climate at night to reach its full potential. The plant handles mold well, making it a good candidate for variable humidity. Ideal temperature for Berry White ranges between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yield: High
Grow Techniques: A relatively easy strain to manage, Berry White has a good plant structure, which means less need for pruning. Hydroponic growing helps promote resin production, while soil lends to the flavor profile. Train the plant and remove lower foliage to increase the yield.

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Learn more about growing the Berry White cannabis strain including its ideal climate, best growing techniques, and flowering time.

Berry white strain outdoor

Some strains are famous for its magnificent cerebral effects. There are some that are well-known for the calming body high that it delivers. As some would think, is it possible to have strains that balance both qualities? Well, the breeder Green Beanz Seeds are way ahead of those who are asking that question. They have created Berry White, a strain that perfectly balances both.

While this strain transforms frowns into smiles from ear to ear, a relaxing sensation surges into the body as well. The body starts to feel loosened up and at ease without the heavy-hitting sedating effects that other similar strains cause.
Just by looking at its genetic lineage, it is easy to say that Berry White is a very potent strain. Though it is Indica dominant, it does promote a well-balanced high. Best of all, it does not lead to a couch-lock, if that is what the users are avoiding.

Though the physical and mental effects blend well with each other, it is recommended to use Berry White as a night time strain. The calming effects it delivers on the body slowly results to feeling drowsy. This cannabis hybrid is perfect for those who just want to get things done before bedtime. It is also an excellent choice for those who want to feel mentally invigorated after a tiring day.
Berry White is an Indica dominant strain with a THC percentage that reaches up to 25%. It means that this strain very potent. It also suggests that some of the adverse effects it causes are more pronounced compared to others. Hence, people with low tolerance may want to use only a small amount, especially when using it for the first time.
Berry White is considered as a treat in all its forms. From the eye-catching to its flavors, the thought of using it must be exciting. Now, that excitement becomes real once it is lit up.
Growing it indoor does not require much training with flowering time occurring as early as seven weeks. For every square meter, the plant can produce as much as 450 grams of buds.
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Regardless of where it is planted, the reward comes sooner than later as it has a quick flowering time. After caring and nurturing, growers can expect to harvest dense olive-green popcorn-shaped buds with blue and purple hues.

Berry White is an Indica dominant strain that promotes a well-balanced mental and physical high that it inherited from its famous parents.