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belladonna seeds for sale

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When we released it at the end of the Nineties it quickly became an overnight classic with growers in the USA, Spain and the Netherlands due to its commercial potential and outstanding forum reviews.. It is a versatile plant that will adapt effectively well to most environments and repay the grower with a combination of strength and yield.
THE BEST (Posted on 7/7/2011)

It’s my favorite. (Posted on 3/2/2012)

Formidable Review by Hell N

Im missing belladonna so much Review by jodokus
I have the same problem as phily. it’s always out of stock! This is a fantastic strain. I don’t know why Paradise doesn’t produce more seeds. I hope they didn’t lose their genetic stock!
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regular seeds please. Review by GreenRoid

A quick harvest time and an uplifting sativa, this adapatable phenotype brings easy to grow management with a result that is trippy and