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beefy buds

How we poop 16:00

Intro fails 1:30
No sports left 9:00

Gaming in 4k 9:00
Games we are playing 50:30
Weird shoes 12:00
Harv’s casting couch 30:50
Whats the release plan? 17:30

How we track our bugs and fish 14:20

Weekly show about sports, video games, and music!

Beefy buds

In this super special superbowl special, the bois talk NFC (1:15) & AFC (8:00) championship recap, Christian hates Sean McVay and greatness (11:30), Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz (17:00), Super Bowl trivia (18:30), the NCAA championship (19:50), Super bowl predictions(21:10), our favorite super bowl snacks (24:40) and wayyyy too early 2019 NFL predictions (40:15). Enjoy!

This week the bois are joined by local recording artist MexiJake to discuss their favorite Call of Duty and Final Fantasy games. I would write more but my laptop is dying. Enjoy!
Happy New Year Knuckleheads! This week bois Joe and Vito (feel better Christian!) try another of the Rueben’s Sour Series: Tart Cherry Weisse(1:00), Joe shares stories of having a cherry tree in the front yard(2:00), we brag about cool presents we got (2:50), discuss the internet fame of manatees(4:15), the joys and annoyances of having a birthday near Christmas(5:45), homemade heating pads(7:00), Joe shares some fish stories(8:30), we touch on Wild Card Weekend(12:30) then dive DEEEEEEEP into our undying love for Final Fantasy XIV(13:15), including what the game was like at launch (13:20) vs. now (16:20), how it compares to World of Warcraft(22:05), and all the cool side stuff to do. Finally, we share our New Year’s resolutions(36:30) and hear from the community. Also, we now have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

This week, the bois discus their greatest role model, Billy Madison (1:14), Christian and the Goonies go the abandoned asylum (03:13), fun times with fireworks (10:15), Joe as the Kool Aid Man (11:15), nuclear bombs are scary (13:20), are you afraid of the dark (14:15), Joe’s nautical adventures (17:20), Messing with your siblings (24:45), flushing weird things down the toilet (27:00), AD BREAK (29:00), coyotes are dorks (30:20), do goats eat bamboo? (32:15), fruit grenades (34:45), Spider City (36:00), More Christian and the goonies adventures (37:00), dreams are weird (40:20), spiders are the worst (42:15), Joe’s Obscure Game of the Week: Tales of Symphonia 2 (44:44), creepy pets (46:20), going barefoot in the city (51:10) and impressing Jamaicans with dabs (55:35). Enjoy!
Joe is back with the bois this week to discuss Eminem’s Stan (0:15), tips to make an awesome podcast (1:00), reaching 1000 downloads (05:30), thoughts on Eminem (08:00), is Macklemore’s The Heist a good album? (11:00) Christian Sullivan, sexual pioneer (14:15), Beer of the week: New Belguim Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA (15:05), Aesop Rock (16:30), AD BREAK (19:00), we love our moms (20:05), the origin of Vito (23:30), shout out to Seattle Sunshine Coffee (25:45), burgers are good (27:20), Jack in the Box tacos: trash or treasure? (29:55), seattle coffee shops (33:00), 7-11: best coffee in Seattle? (38:00), Dunkin Donuts sucks (39:00), Joe’s Obscure Game of the Week: SteamWorld Quest (41:50), the Final Fantasy 7 remake looks ballin (43:45), Shooters are boring(45:50), more mom appreciation (48:35), Tom Brady and his Entourage (51:30), Christian makes a series of absurd NFL predictions, including the Seahawks winning 13 games (53:50), Michael Thomas is better than Odell (56:30), and Daniel Jones will be a quality NFL starter (1:00:50), Vito predicts footballz (1:04:30), Danzig hates hot dogs (1:05:30), Moms are dorks (1:06:15), and how to finish video games (1:08:00). Enjoy!
In this episode, the bois talk about Google’s amazing Project Stream (signup here)and the digital media revolution(1:41), Joe and Christian interview episode 3 guest star Jonmac Boog Nelson about life as a semi-professional rodeo rider(21:38) and finish off with our NFL trade deadline recap and post season preditions(38:45). Enjoy! The goFundMe page for JR Vezain can be found at, and WE NOW HAVE A MERCH STORE HERE.
Born and raised in beautiful New Jersey, Joe is a lifelong New York Mets and Giants fan. Joe was fascinated by both video games and marine life for as long and he can remember, and after years working as a field biologist on the Pacific Ocean Joe now works as a freelance web developer. In his spare time he loves board games and bouldering.
This week, the bois talk the death of the AAF(1:00), the Fan Controlled Football League(06:20), the pros and cons of trying to play wide receiver in Madden(07:50), cool pet names (10:02), bumper stickers: a growing concern(12:20), whats up with the true crime love? (15:30), MMA: cool or lame? (18:00), Joe drops the Dad joke of the week while we talk about Christians new haircut (20:20) and the joys of going to the barber (22:04). Also, Christian is going to Mexico and he’s excited (25:45), but first he shares the craziest stories from Home Depot (27:40) including a dude riding his bike into the store (32:30), the poop and lovemaking corner behind the store(34:45), and seeing some dude get murdered over a frozen turkey (36:45). To finish up, Christian talks about seeing Michael Buble (46:05), we talk Final 4(50:10) and NHL Playoffs (52:12), the Jackbox games are a silly good time (53:25), Vito is mad about the Epic Store (58:20), Borderlands 3: will it be good? (1:00:30), is user generated content ever any good? (1:02:00), we hear from the listeners (1:08:08), the uncanny valley of sports video games (1:10:15), and finish off with Vito’s Final Fantasy Corner (1:11:15). Enjoy!

For this year end spectacular, the bois discuss their top albums of the year(0:45), Collin shares his perfect album(07:45) his thoughts on the nu metal fad(8:40), and his love of ska(12:30). Then we talk best movies of 2018(16:25)and why we are excited to see Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse(27:45). Next we delve into our top TV of the year(30:30) and why we love Black Mirror(37:20). Finally we talk games of the year(41:55, including MASSIVE FAR CRY 5 SPOILERS FROM 43:05-43:37), ponder all the dad dating sims(1:00:00), and the end of the fantasy football season(1:00:30).

BeefyBois Episodes! Episode 36: Real Fans Call Him Dave June 17 2019 This week the bois plus Lewis talk Lewis’ perfect albums(0:20), running into Seattle celebrities (04:30), RIP