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bc bud review

unstable and hermaphrodite prone genetics
little to no stability or true breeding traits among the same strains, obviously work of a poor breeder

Perfekte Kommunikation, sehr hilfsbereit
I ordered over $800 worth of seeds from BC Bud Depot and all of my seeds germinated. This is my 7th order with them. Delivery was speedy and the customers service was awesome. Looking forward to many more orders.

These deuchebags are the worst. Customer service, “blah, blah, blah” ,always a different story. NOT once a clear, concise, answer. “Blah blah blah”, this is all they say
They are rude. I cancelled my order and they sent them anyway. Only 5 out of twelve deeds germinated. Poor quality, poor customer service Extremely arrogant. Shop elsewhere.
After some problems in the past this company seem to work probably again.
Muchos llegaron machos y debil! Nunca mas!
Hi all. I do not recommend going with BC Bud Depot. I bought their BCBD God Bud and had germination issues immediately, then one became a runt and never really grew much, and the other on week 8 was a complete male although I had purchased feminized seeds. Tried to contact their customer service and left a voicemail with no answer. Also I know I was not at fault because its not like the seed went hermy on me, it was just a male without any female parts. Big waste of time and effort and money, and really did not turn out well. DO NOT BUY SCAM SEEDS, buy good genetics and avoid the mistake i made. 0/10 Would not ever buy again, and am returning my BCBD Girl Scout Cookies.

Regulars instead of feminised !!
No answer, no excuse.
Never again !

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