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bay dreams strain

Bay dreams strain

It also gave me a serious case of the munchies. While I probably don’t need to eat the entire bag of Lay’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips, it’s fine. If it’s for Bay Dream, I’ll buy them in bulk. I found myself mechanically shoveling chip after chip into my mouth, and after I’d exhausted my chip stash, I found some Snack Packs I had stowed some away in my fridge for just this occasion. I was extra happy (happy weed!) when I found them. Pudding is delicious.

Availability: Currently available on recreational (as of this week, fools!)
This week, we got our sticky hands on Bay Dream, a strain that’s brand spankin’ new to Prohibition Herb. The strain is a sativa hybrid, and is a cross between two favorites, Blue Dream and Bay 11. Bay Dream will be hitting Prohibition’s shelves for the very first time this week, so you might want to hurry and get your ass up there if you’re interested in trying it out. This gon’ be good. It will also be gone if you aren’t working with the quickness.

Unlike this weed, the documentary I was watching on pangolin slaughtering prior to smoking was NOT happy. I assumed it was fine – Vice documentaries are effing baller while stoned (all hail General Butt Naked) – but this was not made by those surly hipsters at Vice, and it was a major misstep. I guess I’d been living in oblivion, unaware that people eat pangolins, which look like a baby armadillo/dinosaur hybrid and are at serious risk of becoming extinct. Learning of the underground trade of those cute dinos was horrifying, especially while stoned. (The documentary also went through a shop that offered pickled baby goat wine. Do not watch this documentary while smoking Bay Dream. Strike that. Do not watch it EVER.)
Documentary aside, Bay Dream proved over and over to be pretty badass. The high kicked in super quickly, and my legs, arms, hands, and other extremities were super tingly after a few hits. That’s my favorite feeling, because everything feels so alive. The high vacillated between a cerebral head high and a body high, but neither dominated over the other. Rather, the two worked in tandem simultaneously, which put me in a great mood.
So, about Bay Dream: The first thing I noticed was that this is a pretty little plant. The buds are dense, and as one might expect from its genetics, this strain has a really pretty, complex color scheme to it. The buds pull the blue-ish undertones that Blue Dream is known for, and there are shiny green tones and bright orange hairs layered in. Kinda dreamy, eh? (Sorry.)
Where to find Bay Dream: Prohibition Herb, 1185 Camino Del Rio, 970-385-8622,
I hate to keep going with the dream theme, but it’s pretty fitting. Everything about this strain was light and airy, including the taste. The smoke Bay Dream emitted tasted fresh and herbal, and it wasn’t that heavy pine taste I was expecting based on the smell. My notes say, “This weed tastes so good. Happy weed, happy, happy weed.”

Caveats: Prohibition Herb sent us some Bay Dream, but didn’t bribe us (or warn us about the hazards of stoned documentary-watching).

This week, we got our sticky hands on Bay Dream, a strain that’s brand spankin’ new to Prohibition Herb. The strain is a sativa hybrid, and is a…