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barneys seeds review

Barneys seeds review

First package never arrived. I emailed them and they sent another package to a different address. I did get the second package but it took forever. Probably wont use again.

Barneys Farm Shop is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.
10/10 germinated – excellent sturdy plants

Kann mich nicht beschweren.
Vanilla Kush feminisiert, 100% Keimrate ,so 75cm hoch, schnell breiter als der 10 liter topf, hoher ertrag und super stond der einen langjärigen Raucher schon mal einschlafen lässt.
Barnesfarm macht super Arbeit Danke
Awful. I have ordered 5 OG Zkittlez and 3 cookie kush and very sad that NONE germinated ! How can this be possible .
Im an experienced grower (
3 feminised seeds
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Graines de très mauvaises qualités, graines ne germants pas, graine qui germent puis meurent. Premier et dernier achat chez eux. À fuir

out of 3 seeds only 1 popped, and it looked miserable compared to other plants, slow growth and deformed leafs. never again.

Barneys Farm Shop Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 20 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Barneys Farm Shop is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This

Barneys seeds review

Peyote Critical is masterpiece strain! those colours, those terps, that insane trichome production. best strain I ever grown and smoked and its only 1 week cured at the moment. Smoke is next level, hits hard and lasts long, strong body high that will make you feel like a squid, but creative squid. I’m waiting her to cure a little bit more to give decent review. This strain is something closest I’m looking from weed.

Purple Punch Auto by Barney’s Farm, she grows like a champ, the biggest auto in the tent. Nice long branches, solid structure.
Here I have 2 reviews from cannabis growers on Peyote Critical so let’s look.

Let’s look at Peyote Critical fully harvested!
I am used a minimum of fertiliser, I’m not chasing the yield.
I’m glad I LST trained her, she is so tall she wouldn’t have too big for the tent. I loved it. Grew some nice buds, produced an amazing smell that filled the room once I opened my tent. The buds are sticky, trichomes looked amazing they were about 75% cloudy when I cut her down.
Gorilla Zkittlez was grown indoors by this cannabis grower using 1000 watts LED lighting and 250 HID watts lighting. The nutrients used for the feeding of the cannabis plant was Canna, Hesi and Plagron. They used 4 types of growing techniques which were HST, Topping, Main lining and Defoliation.
Growing Cookies Kush was grown indoors using LED 110 watts and Phyto-Max 200 watts LED lighting. Biobuzz, Green house feeding and BioMagno nutrients were used for the feeding of the cannabis plant. 5 growing techniques were used for this grow of Cookies Kush which were LST on week 11 and 12, HST also on week 11 and 12, Topping on week 11, FIMing week 12 and defoliation on week 11 and 12.

Gorilla Zkittlez have a compact like a stone very frosty buds.

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