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barneys farm seeds review

Happy with the taste of the buds and effect (definitely a bedtime) I only vape using the DaVinci IQ and the taste is amazing. However the mistakes I made during the grow shows in the final product.
Very sad, my plant got root rot and was a goner in just three days, from a perfectly vibrant healthy plant to a dying plant in such a short time was really shocking. I had noticed some minor whilting, the next day some concerning gray patching and by the third day I knew there was no chance of recovery so I did an early harvest and saved what I could, which wasnt much 🙁
GG stepsister :sunglasses:
I dried these for a week and had a sample smoke yesterday evening, the smell unfortunately was classic cucumber from harvesting much too early but when grinded down I could smell faint pineapple. The taste was piney with a very faint citrusy tone, and it didnt make me cough my lungs out, not bad considering it was premature.
Nice brand new strain by barney’s..following the Kush way , with a bottle of glue..
They grow tall. This really caused me an issue as I had 4 plants in a small space and had I had one plant, through training, I probably could have yielded the same and had better results using LST.
Thanks again to Barney’s Farm for the free beans provided for this grow
Love growing this plant and she is now a permanent fixture in my tent.
Looking back all the warning signs were there and I blame my over feeding and watering for it eventual demise. Any way, on to the sampling.
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