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barney lemon law

Actual answer: After an “eh” date, convince the other person to allow you to go up to their apartment. When they’re in another room, get totally naked. When they come back, they’ll be so shocked/amused they’ll hook up with you. Works two out of every three times.

Actual answer: True, but on the show, it’s used to reference a relationship between two people — person A is infatuated with person B, person B likes being adored, but isn’t ever going to date them. Person A is “on the hook.”
Newbie guess: Okay, I THINK I know this one, maybe. Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris had a bet, and whoever won got to slap the other five times? And Jason won, and so he administered each slap when NPH wasn’t expecting it? There was an episode called “Slapsgiving”! (Possibly?)

Newbie guess: The Mermaid Theory is the idea that you can get a guy to fall in love with you, even though you’ve lost your voice.
5.) What’s the Mermaid Theory?
Actual answer: Barney has a poem for this….
Actual answer: Ted Mosby loves LOVE (probably to a creepy extent). To “Mosby” someone is to freak someone out by revealing way-too-strong feelings way too soon.
7.) What does “Eating a Sandwich” mean?

Newbie guess: That’s not a word.

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