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banger weed

Banger weed

Fixed vs Removable Downstem – These terms refer to the different types of downstems found in a waterpipe. Removable downstems can be pulled out for cleaning and replacement, while fixed pieces have downstems that are fused into the piece.

Grade 2 – Titanium is produced in various ‘grades’ of quality. Grade 2 titanium is the most often-used quality of titanium for nails used to vaporize cannabis extracts.
There are so many interesting items and practices that have been invented, developed and co-opted for use in the consumption of cannabis that we’ve realized the need for clarification for many of our customers, whether they are new to the ‘culture’ or due to different terminology and products being used in different places, or simply as a result of how complex and wide-ranging the options can be! The following is our attempt to provide a little clarification – it is by no means anywhere near comprehensive and of course people have different interpretations and definitions of terminology for various reasons – please feel free to suggest additions or changes to this Glossary if you feel they may be helpful!

Bucket / Honey Bucket – a quartz and glass hybrid design that has a dish that is torch-heated then rotated into a ‘bucket’ so as to capture the smoke and directing it into the rig rather than having it pass directly through a tube running into a banger’s dish.
Carb-Cap – A cap, various shapes and configurations are available including those attached to the end of a dabber as the most popular types, that allows for a lower-temperature (and thus more tasty) dab by controlling/manipulating the air-flow.
Joint Size – 10mm vs. 14mm vs. 19mm – These numbers refer to the diameters of the most common three joint sizes on glass smokeware pieces. There are actually slight variations on these based on where in the world they are made, most European joints being deeper than American-made ones, for example, while the similar-sized joints from different parts of the world still tend to work together. Please also note that “14mm” and “19mm” are actually basically abbreviations since the actual joint sizes are 14.4mm and 18.8mm (sometimes also referred to as 14/20 and 19/22 – the second number usually representing the depth, rather than the diameter, of the joint). Also note that some people prefer the abbreviation “18mm” for the 18.8mm joint size, but the more generally accepted abbreviation we feel is “19mm” (and perhaps more logical due to how close to 19mm the 18.8mm number actually is).
If we’re going to get totally technical, then here are the “ASTM E 676-02” Standard Designations and measurements, with those used commonly in ‘our world’ asterisked:
Standard Dimensions for Medium Length Interchangeable Taper-Ground Joints
Joint Size Designation – Small End – Length – Large End
“10/18” – 8.2mm – 18mm – 10.0mm *Common small size, especially for concentrate ‘dab’ rigs
“14/20” – 12.5mm – 20mm – 14.5mm *Most common size for bong bowls (beakers etc.)
“19/22” – 16.6mm – 22mm – 18.8mm *Very common size (for downstems to fit into, and for stemless bong bowls)
Standard Dimensions for Full Length Interchangeable Taper-Ground Joints
Joint Size Designation – Small End – Length – Large End
“29/42” – 25.0mm – 42mm – 29.2mm *Sometimes used for larger downstem setups, in ashcatchers, etc.
“34/45” – 30.0mm – 45mm – 34.5mm *Used for smaller build-a-bong type connections
“45/50” – 40.0mm – 50mm – 45.0mm *Used for standard build-a-bong type connections
Dab / Dabbing – Usually: to inhale the vapor of a cannabis extract/concentrate (often referred to as Butane Hash Oil / BHO, or another type of extract / concentrate such as that extracted in a C02 extraction or a Rosin Tech process, among others). Dab is a verb as well as a noun – “I’m going to dab” and “I’m going to have a dab” and can even be used to refer to the extract itself – “pass me that dab” among other ways that people use the word.
Oil Rig (or simply ‘Rig’) – A small pipe (usually a water-pipe aka ‘bong’, but some are ‘dry’ rigs) made specifically for the purpose of consuming cannabis extract.

Popper – using a ‘popper stem’ or ‘popper bowl’, many people smoke their cannabis using a bong by placing their herb on top of a piece of tobacco cigarette which is plugging the stem- or bowl-piece. As they finish the cannabis and burn some of the tobacco, this releases the plug thus ‘popping’ the hit through and down into the bong-water. Requires an open-ended downstem, and is thought by many to be kinda ‘yucky’.

DAB & GLASS GLOSSARY: COMMON TERMINOLOGY RELATING TO DABBING, CONCENTRATES, GLASS – Brought to you by Toronto Hemp Company (THC) Introduction (our Glossary of alphabetically-listed commonly-used terms and phrases begins further down, and a hopefully-helpful diagram for your reference is also included below) There a

A dish used to vaporize cannabis concentrates on a bong or dab rig. Bangers can vary in design, but are generally circular and made of glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium. The various materials retain heat differently and require different cleaning techniques.

Once the banger has been fitted into the joint and heated, the concentrate can be placed on the banger with a metal or glass dab tool. The concentrate vaporizes in the quartz bucket before flowing through the joint into the dab rig. Carb caps can be placed on the banger at this stage. You can begin inhaling as soon the concentrate has been applied.
How to Use a Quartz Banger

Bangers turn black and develop a tar-like residue when they are heated to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating concentrates between 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit preserves flavor and keeps the quartz in good shape. Cleaning your banger after every dab is essential to remove the built up residue. Quartz bangers become dull, cloudy, and yellow over time if they are not properly maintained.
What is a Dab Nail?
A banger is a type of dab nail. When joined to a dab rig, the dab banger nail heats the concentrate so it becomes a vapor. Quartz banger nails feature a quartz bucket to hold and heat the concentrate before it flows through the dab rig. There are three main types of bangers. Flat-top bangers have a flat top. Trough bangers are shaped like a feeding trough. T hermal bangers have an internal cup with airspace between the inner and outer cup, allowing the user to vape at lower temperatures.
A dab nail is a nail-shaped part of the rig used to vaporize essential oils. Cannabis concentrate is placed on the dab nail, using a dabber, then heated. Some dab nails fit inside glass joints, while others require a dome. Dab nails are made of glass, quartz, titanium, or ceramic. Glass nails are inexpensive but can crack with rapid heating. Quartz is often favored as providing a superior heating and flavor experience.
Why is My Banger Turning Black?

Is a Banger a Nail?

A dish that is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates on a bong or dab rig. Bangers can vary in design, but are generally circular and made of glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium.