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banana split strain

Banana split strain

Cannabis smoke is harmful, it says on the box label. Doesn’t say anything about vaping! To be clear, I don’t think vaping is harmless, but it’s certainly less harmful than smoking — though I know a lot of heavy smokers feel they can’t get high (or high enough in the way they’re accustomed to) with vaping. Will the government one day recommend vaping over smoking? Who knows!

Aurora, who also uses the name “Luna” on its strain page for Banana Split:
I’ve begun watching Canadian weed stocks a little bit. I’m certainly not knowledgeable on the topic by any means.

Product itself is marked:

“Under the Cannabis Act, pot companies are prohibited from promoting cannabis or accessories or any services related to marijuana. Those include communicating to youth, testimonials or endorsements, associating cannabis alongside the depiction of a person, character or animal, or presenting it in a manner that evokes a positive or negative emotion such as “glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring.”

15% sounds about right based on my experience of its effects relative to some others with higher THC. exchange rate at time of writing puts the “Quebec Gram Price” (QGP) of $11.30 at $8.66 USD.
Aurora strain page lists:

Presumably all of this too will become more worked out over time.

Hybrid (according to SQDC), though Aurora in graphic above lists as Indica with no qualifiers, and OCS calls it an Indica-dominant hybrid, which is probably most complete answer. It does seem to have…