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ayahuasca seeds

Ayahuasca seeds

If you are interested in experiencing ayahuasca but don’t want to travel to the Amazon or join an ayahuasca church, your other option is to create some at home. Here we’ll run you through the best ways of creating an ayahuasca-like brew in your kitchen.

Once you’ve managed to find a source of MAOIs and a source of DMT, and calculated your dose, it’s simply a case of drawing them out of their plants in the most efficient way.
This brew is then reduced over a gentle heat until it is a manageable (i.e. drinkable) quantity per dose. It’s important not to over-reduce your brew, as it may become too thick and the active ingredients could be destroyed. Some people recommend preparing two doses per person, in case the purge makes you throw up the first one!

The most important aspects of an ayahuasca experience are the physical preparations (a diet that does not cause MAOI toxicity) and the presence of a guide. Traditional ayahuasca ceremonies are always performed in the presence of a trained shaman, and this is considered a crucial part of the healing potential of the ritual. If you don’t have access to a shaman (and presumably most of us don’t), then don’t just go it alone. It’s important to have other people with you, and ideally at least one of them should stay sober. Having a guide in any psychedelic experience can help you make the most out of it, and this is especially true with such an intense drug like ayahuasca.
There are various suggestions for brewing ayahuasca, some a lot more complicated than others. We recommend one of the most straightforward methods, at least for your first time. It’s simply a case of crushing your B. caapi vines (or MAOI source), placing them in a large pot with P. viridisleaves (or DMT source), and boiling in a large quantity of water for 4 hours. This liquid is then collected and set aside, while another batch of water is added to the plant matter and boiled again in the same way. You can then discard your plant matter, and combine both batches of water (which should now contain your MAOIs and DMT).

It’s amazing that this brew must have been created by chance thousands of years ago, to create the perfect chemical conditions for a psychedelic medicine.

DMT is an illegal drug in most countries, so obtaining DMT-containing plants is not entirely straightforward. Thankfully, DMT is widespread in nature, so it’s just a case of finding a DMT-containing plant that is available to be ordered to your country.
Other prescription drugs that are dangerous to combine with MAOIs include Prozac, allergy medicines, migraine medicines, cold medicines, sleeping pills and ephedrine.

Although you won’t be able to make genuine ayahuasca at home – this would require a shaman, readily available fresh plant materials and many days of brewing – it’s possible to make ayahuasca-like brews from a number of different plants. Also known as ‘pharmahuasca,’ this ayahuasca that you can make at home only requires a source of DMT and a source of MAOIs.

Making ayahuasca at home is simple! Here we guide you through the steps to obtaining your materials and brewing your own ayahuasca in your kitchen.