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young brit dies in Colombia after using Ayahuasca. or because the “guides” attempted to bring him to hospital but hit his head when carrying him on a motorbike.

Ayahuasca in Iquitos is absolutely used as a healing method. It can and will in fact make you hallucinate. Each person can take ayahuacsa for their own personal interests – some a seeking a hallucinating thrill, others looking for some type of spiritual/mental healing.
Swedish tourist barely recovers after spending 10 days in intensive care, in a coma, after using Ayahuasca

Oh, good luck getting help then, if anything goes wrong.
The best recommendation that I can give you is to go with a reputable company, don’t go for the cheapest option and ensure that the company you chose is locally owned and operated. To find a true shaman you will need to travel with a local company, not a foreign owned & operated company. Of course, there is a risk in anything that you do, Ayahuasca is no exception but I think that Klaush’s post was a bit exaggerated, pointing out extreme circumstances that have happened over the last 7 years.
You posted on an open forum, you got some useful advice, even though it might not conform to your views. Don’t act like a spoiled child.

I could also find articles about how your modern medicine has killed people or ruined their lives. But I don’t. So perhaps next time if you have nothing useful to add to a post you don’t ad anything at all.

We have always done ayahuasca ceremonies and it

A few news clips that may help your decision, with links to the sources:

I'm off to iquitos in a few days and wanting to do some ayahuasca ceremonies. I do not want to do a retreat as they are extremely expensive and require…

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“ I once had a fortunate opportunity of being able to turn a very prominent Tibetan lama onto DMT—a name that you would recognize, although not one of the top five, but a more wizened, older, stranger character. And he did it, and I said, “So what about it?” You know, these people, these Tibetan Buddhists, have a pretty good map of the territory. He said it’s the lesser lights. He said you can’t go further than that without breaking the thread of return. He said beyond this, there’s no returning. ”

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