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autoflowering vs feminized seeds

Autoflowering vs feminized seeds

Growers rarely cultivate pure ruderalis strains outside of breeding operations as these varieties produce very little in regards to yield. However, by breeding successful photoperiod strains with ruderalis genetics, breeders can create autoflowering, and therefore faster, versions of legendary varieties.

Again, most autoflowers will race from seed to harvest in around 7–10 weeks, so growers can time their next wave of seedlings in conjunction with the previous harvest.
A complete guide to the pros and cons of autos.

Autoflowers simply aren’t as hungry as their photoperiod counterparts—another result of their hardy nature. Whereas photoperiod strains require a complex nutritional strategy that changes throughout the growing cycle, autoflowers can make do with the bare minimum.
You can easily grow autos on balconies and in hidden locations in your garden. They’re also popular among guerrilla growers—cultivators that grow cannabis in hidden public or wild locations. This method helps to keep crops out of sight and hidden from thieves.
The speed of autoflowers appeals to growers with a penchant for near-instant results. Waiting for a crop to ripen can be teasing at best and excruciating at worst. If you tend to fall on the impatient side, autoflowering strains are the way to go.
For example, Haze genetics are known for their brilliant sativa effects, but their long flowering times can be a turn-off. The merging of Haze and ruderalis genetics means growers now have access to these sativa effects in much less time.
Autoflowering strains are the go-to genetics for beginner growers and those looking for a fast return. But they’re not perfect. Find out what makes them great, and where they run into issues.

If you’re looking for the stealthiest possible way to grow, give micro-growing a go. The goal here is to keep plants as small as possible while still achieving a reasonable yield. It goes without saying that autoflowering varieties are perfectly suited to this method.

Autoflowering strains boast speedy growth, a compact size, and hardy genetics. Discover their pros and cons here.

Autoflowering vs feminized seeds

We have mentioned stress, time and space being spent or even wasted by not knowing that your crops were male and you were totally clueless. This is wasted capital. Imagine all the electricity spent every day those male plants were watered and air-conditioned. Imagine all that money that you spent on half your crop that you’re about to throw away because that half turned out to be male. That’s a lot of money you could have spent somewhere else.

Your cultivation may have little space, to begin with, due to budget constraints. You may have opted to have a smaller space because you could not afford to temperature control any larger area. Having male plants unknowingly since they have not matured yet take up space that you could have used when you were sure from the beginning that your plants were female.
No matter how careful you are in inspecting your crop, a male plant or even a hermaphrodite may find its way in the midst of your crop accidentally pollinating the female plants which will greatly reduce their production of the bud that contains THC. Only the unfertilized flowers contain the most THC in a marijuana plant. Male and hermaphrodite plants do not produce buds.

Cultivators know that it is most productive to have more female plants in a cannabis greenhouse because a single male plant could pollinate dozens of female plants in any given time. Upon finding out that their seeds matured into male plants, most cultivators end up frustrated in removing all the male plants which may account into sometimes more than half of their total crops.
Work-related stress is one of the banes of any endeavor including marijuana cultivation. Since it is impossible to tell whether a seed is male or female, feminized seeds simplify the process of ensuring an all-female crop. This simplifies the process by removing the guesswork in your cultivation.
Feminized plants came from feminized seeds which are produced by inducing gender change in a female plant. This gender change is induced by putting the plants into stress that makes it release ethylene. This ethylene release is then suppressed which triggers the female plant to develop pollen sac which contains pollen that has 100 percent female traits that will result in 100 percent female seeds that will grow into female plants. Feminized seeds have the following advantages.
This is the reason why outdoor growers choose a particular month to plant a particular marijuana type while this is never a problem with indoor growers who will simply turn the light on and off when needed.
Knowing them will help you identify the male plants and you can remove the males immediately but it is surely most helpful when you don’t have to remove any plant at all by knowing that they are all females.

Autoflowering strains grow faster than regular strains. This is due to the Ruderalis genes that are on auto-flowering plants. Some are even reported to be ready for harvest in seven weeks. This could mean a few harvests in one season of planting regular plants. This is also an advantage for outdoor growers in cold climates where the summer days are short and cold that only last about two months, just enough time between the seed stage to the flowering stage.

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