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autoflowering seeds outdoor

Autoflowering seeds outdoor

Given a choice between growing outdoors or indoors, most growers would grow their cannabis plants outdoors. It’s an absolute joy to grow marijuana outdoors and observe their beauty, aroma, and promises of pleasure that’s soon to follow after they are harvested.

Growing the California Snow Auto outdoors is like growing an apple tree! For one, she tastes like apples, and for two, she grows almost as huge as a tree. She’s named “Snow” because the trichome production increases to such an extent that it looks like you have a tree with a generous amount of snow!
There’s a rumor that the G14 was first cultivated by the CIA at the University of Mississippi where they grew cannabis for years. But, that’s not true. What’s true, however, is that the lineage of G14 and all autoflowering strains can be traced back to American labs.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 autoflowers that can be grown outdoors:
It takes a good amount of money to grow marijuana indoors. The electricity bills for the lights, the grow tents or materials to build your own grow room – they cost quite a bit. Some people love growing indoors because it gives more control over the plants.
It has a rich aroma that combines different fragrances from citrus to earthy flavors, making it a perfect addition for your outdoor grow. The G14 was created by combining the G13 with an autoflower but the original history shows that this strain has the characteristics of the Lowryder – a strain that achieved legendary status.
Perfect for those residing in colder climates, the California Snow Auto will finish her flowering cycle in just 8-9 weeks. Rich flavors of citrus and lime will make you grow her again and again until you’re satisfied.
Have you ever tried growing outside? Or have you seen pictures of growers flaunting their plants growing outdoors? No? I suggest you take a look. Cannabis plants are naturally meant to be grown outdoors. Although they won’t be spoon-fed like plants growing indoors, they turn out to be monsters if you grow it only twice a year.

However, it can cost you a serious amount if you don’t plan well. Although you need to spend more only the first time while setting things up, try your best to grow outdoors if you have the option because you won’t be spending anything at all.

Given a choice between growing outdoors or indoors, most growers would grow their cannabis plants outdoors. It’s an absolute joy to grow marijuana outdoor

Autoflowering seeds outdoor

Growing autoflowering cannabis strains outdoors can be very rewarding. Here is everything you need to know about the process, so you can look forward to monster yields from compact plants!

If you live further north, you may want to avoid the coldest and rainiest months of the year. In these climates, you can plant your autoflowers sometime in late spring when you know there is no danger of frost. The exact time depends on where you live, and could range from April to early June. The shorter summer in a colder climate is also a factor you need to think about. You shouldn’t sow too late either, as you want to avoid flowering your weed into the rainy season. If you live somewhere with a rainy fall, it can be good to plant in early June, so you can harvest late in August. This way, you can beat the bad weather and your buds won’t fall victim to mould.
If you are growing your autoflower in a container, make sure that you choose a big-enough pot. Although autoflowers can normally do well with smaller pots compared to some of the larger photoperiod ladies, you still don’t want to restrict their growth. A pot that holds 7–15 litres will do. Again, keep in mind that your chosen pot will also be your final pot.

To avoid this, you want to carefully plan your autoflowering outdoor grow so your girls can reach their full potential in the short time they have. Before anything else, consider the viability of your location. What’s the climate like? Are you planning to plant your seeds directly in a garden bed or in containers? What type of nutrients will you use? Will your plants get enough sunlight? Will you be able to attend to your plants, or are you growing in a remote location where you can’t visit often?
Sunlight means better yields and fatter buds
• You can achieve several harvests in a single growing season
• You can grow them outdoors at any time of year (weather depending)
• They are less susceptible to pests due to faster growth
• They fit in tiny spaces on your balcony, terrace, or garden
• They are ideal for stealthy outdoor grows/guerrilla grows due to their small size
As autoflowers normally grow to a smaller size, they will not need as much water as a vigorous photoperiod sativa, but you still want to make sure that your outdoor auto has enough to drink. How much and how often you need to water will once again depend on your climate and the needs of your individual plant. Just like with any other type of cannabis grow, you want to avoid overwatering in particular, although underwatering isn’t ideal either.
If you don’t use a container and want to plant directly in soil instead, know that the outdoor soil at your chosen location may not be optimal. The natural soil will likely not have sufficient nutrients, and it may drain poorly and/or contain harmful microorganisms that adversely affect the growth of your plant. For these reasons, outdoor growers often first dig holes for their outdoor plants, which they fill with a suitable substrate before planting their seed.
Photoperiodic cannabis relies on natural daylight hours for its vegetative and flowering stages. You normally plant seeds in late spring where they will veg until late summer when the shorter daylight hours force them into flowering. By the end of summer/early fall, they will be ready for harvest.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are awesome. They grow fast and easy, and they fit pretty much everywhere because of their compact size. Although autoflowers are great for growing indoors, you can make the most of them with some love from Mother Nature outdoors.

Growing autoflowering cannabis outdoors has many advantages. Click here to check out this guide, which tells you everything you need to know about the process!