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auto ultimate grow

Auto ultimate grow

Outdoors this plant also delivers great results especially in warm sheltered and sunny grow locations with good quality moist soil. In cold outdoor climates give her a couple of weeks of 24-hour indoor light before putting her out.

Auto Ultimate also often continues to creep slowly taller during the later weeks of bloom, sometimes she will approach 2 metres tall under optimum conditions. The tall central bloom will often need supporting and can lean over especially in taller plants. In soil-grown marijuana plants a central support cane is often a good idea, but insert the cane while the plant is young to avoid damaging the root system.
Auto Ultimate has been regarded as one of the Dutch Passion autos with the heaviest harvests. Repeat growers also love the strong, long lasting high which combines a strong body stone with a euphoric happy high. Auto Ultimate is easy to grow, and under strong light she will grow unusually fat blooms very quickly.

This variety grows unusually heavy blooms, if you are new to this variety you may notice how she delivers extra thick blooms and heavier harvests compared to your normal variety. Occasionally this variety will produce long blooming phenotypes which never seem to want to stop blooming. If you have the time, you may be able to allow the plants an extra week or two in your grow room and she will repay you with impressive results. Auto Ultimate may have unusually heavy harvests but she is also a seriously strong variety with THC rich dense buds and a fruity/fuel aroma. Many repeat growers select Auto Ultimate purely for the strength of the vape/smoke.
Auto Ultimate grows steadily, female pre-flowers start to form around week 3-4. This variety often accelerates her vertical growth during weeks 4-7. Abundant bud production occurs particularly during weeks 7-10 and she is often ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination.
TDam finished the grow with some great looking plants, some almost collapsing under the weight of their own buds.
Auto Ultimate is most often grown under 20 hours of daily light, and with optimum conditions she will grow tall with a heavy central bloom and 10-15 good sized peripheral blooms. Auto Ultimate grows well in soil, coco, hydroponics or any type of grow method. Its one of our heaviest yielding varieties, the photoperiod version is called The Ultimate and is also an XXL yielder.
But indoors, as the pictures show, Auto Ultimate can give excellent results in good conditions. Here simple 15 litre square containers with soil were used. These were hand watered with around 2 litres (sometimes more) of nutrient feed solution each day. Although many home growers like the benefits of growing with LED growlight, this grow shows that a standard 600W HPS grow light will deliver great results with good genetics.

In this grow ‘TDam’ used 600W HPS lights with standard reflectors in a 2.5m x 2.5m grow area. The plants were grown in square 15 litre containers of Gold Label Special Mix substrate soil. Nutrients were Gold label Base A and B, Gold Label Roots, with Ultra PK boost.

Auto Ultimate has been regarded as one of the Dutch Passion autos with the heaviest harvests. Growers love the strong, long lasting euphoric high.

Auto ultimate grow

Well start with the ROOTS. the first place to start is the pots and soil. I use smart pots but really any airpot or pot that forces the root system to air prune itself. Air prune with air pots essentially kills the tip of the root when it gets to the edge of the pot forcing it to branch out along the root stem and form a larger mass of roots instead of following the path of the edge of the bucket to the bottom and not branching as much. I also only use 5 gal and up. With auto’s and any other mj the quickest way to stop growth and keep plants smaller is to limit there root growing space. So if you want small concealable stealthy plants by all means use a 1 gallon pot. I want them as big as I can get lol. I also germ and then go straight to final pot. I don’t want my girls to be root bound by a smaller container for even one day. Imo that’s one less day of flowering and with auto’s every day counts.

I use pro mix bx with myco. Others are just as good I just prefer soiless mixes with little to no nutes so I’m in control of all feeds and how much, and promix is very light allowing those roots to travel anywhere they please with little effort . I add dolomite lime @ 1tbs/gal to help balance the ph to a neutral 7. Pro mix bx is a SOILESS mix and I feed it just above reccomended hydro ph and just below soil ph. So 6.0 to 6.2 ph feeds. Imo this allows me to feed @ 6.0 ph and as the pot dries and ph slowly creeps back toward 7ph the plant is able to absorb nutrients in all ranges in between.
Just dropped the seeds in a cup of water today so hopefully they both germ seeing as I only have 2 lol. There is a backup plan if one doesn’t make it I will add an og kush auto from nirvana and another auto spanish d.-

I start seedlings for 10 days with plain water that I sit out and bubble for 24 hrs minimum prior to use to rid of chlorine to not kill some of the tings we are trying to put into our soiless mix. It also saturates the H2O with oxygen and the more oxygen getting to the roots the better. This also helps prevent root rot and other root destroying problems. I begin seedlings with 1/2 liter each watering as needed and only water at the root base straight to the bottom of the pot in attempt to get the tap root straight to the bottom as quick as possible. I up the amount of water used by 1/2 L as needed as the plant grows. Once they are drinking 1L of water a day I up it to 2 over other day or as needed and use the pot weight to judge this. If needed to wet the entire pot bit still gst 0 runoff i will use 2.5L per feed. I also feed every watering I do not use plain water til the flush
Hello all. the 420 Express has reached its final designation and it’s time to begin another adventure. This round I’ll be stuffing 2 auto ultimates in a 3x3x5 tent, I’ll be strapping, chaining, tie-in, beating and any other form of LST I need to use to try and maximize my space as much as possible and maintain a nice even canopy. Or at least that’s the plan.-
“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.â€
― Bob Marley
Tent: 3x3x5 secret Jardin, air cooled hood, and-phresh carbon filter.
So the FLOWERING NUTE feed will be g/m / b, B52, vodoo juice and Big Bud, usually by now I’m feeding 2ml/L across the board. Maybe up to 2.5 if they’ll handle it. This is 1/2 recommended dose from AN.
The big bud will provide The added P and K needed to produce nice buds on your plants. Same as in Veg once we get the bacteria and microbes established again we can stop the vodoo juice. I now up my feed of cal/mag as well to a medium dose for flowering but watch for rust spots carefully some of these gals can be real hogs of cal/mag during flower and need even more than recommended heavy dose.

After the vodoo is stopped I continue to feed g/m / b, B52, and cal/mag until I get some pre flowers established. Not just see them but the them start to grow a bit then this for me is about midway through my grow
. So to prevent the salt buildup from locking out any nutes later I give the pots a good flush before starting my bloom nutes. I use 3x the pots area of water to properly flush then the last few liters I put in have normal levels of nutes mixed in.

Hello all…… the 420 Express has reached its final designation and it's time to begin another adventure. This round I'll be stuffing 2 auto ultimates in…