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auto speed

Auto speed

Note: The automatic speed test is designed for desktop use. Although, if you change your device settings to keep it awake (display on, focused on the test) and plugged into power it works great on mobile devices.

This connection quickly picked up speed, held it there and actually sped up at the end. All marks of great connection quality. Note: Sometimes little variance in speed can also point to an issue like a bottleneck.
The has been intentionally designed with compatibility in mind. is a server-side application so our bandwidth test works in all popular modern browsers, on all platforms and all connection types. PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS users can all use without installing anything. All you have to do is point your computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android or other modern device to

  • Tests sizes auto adjust up to 200 MB depending on your Internet connection type.
  • Manual tests sizes over 12 MB have the automatic forwarding feature disabled.
  • Randomized speed test data, each download test is dynamically created on the fly so no two tests are alike. Which provides unparalleled cache prevention.
  • Enabling the multithread speed testing option on your download speed test can really open up your connection for maximum throughput. Multithread isn’t the default testing option because it has less detail and can mask certain connection issues. (It’s recommend to test both ways and compare your performance. Powerful, properly configured connections have very little variance between the two bandwidth test types.)
  • Test different locales simultaniously. The coast to coast multithread test allows you to test multiple servers simultaneously giving you the most comprehensive results possible. Get one test result that represents your connections speed across the entire United States. Manual selection options for all test servers and expansions on this concept coming soon.
  • Control the size of your speed test with manual test sizes.
  • Tested via SSL (https)
  • Express averages your last 5 tests to determine the most suitable test size.
  • PHP driven, server-side programming means no plug-ins necessary and a much higher level of accuracy than flash speed tests. This is the only true PHP speed test online.
  • Results are logged to a personal score database where you can plot graphs, draw averages and compare your speed against cities, countries, users and providers.
  • Pinpoint routing issues with the ability to test across multiple popular Internet routes with coast to coast United States servers.
  • Test your connection speed automatically on a schedule with the Automatic Speed Test. has a high resolution download test. Unlike other speed tests takes measurements during the test to show you the path of your download speed over the course of the test. It conducts tests within the test. The end result is unparalleled result detail.
Information like minimum speed, average speed, maximum speed and variance from minimum to maximum speed during the test are shown along with a graph plotting the speed over time, percentage and data transferred. This extra information is logged to the database and can be a great aid in troubleshooting. Currently TiP is only available on the linear download speed test.
Large variance in speed can be an indication of a connection issue. TiP enables users to see this information to understand how the data flowed as the test ran.
Want to automate your speed test and monitor your connection over time? This tool will automatically retest your Internet connection on a set interval and log the test results for later retrieval. The Automatic Speed Test can provide data that may aid in Internet troubleshooting. Simply set the test interval, click start and forget about it. Then, come back later and retrieve your results. TMN requires only your web browser, has trusted test results and is always free.’s servers are hosted where the websites you visit are hosted. Your provider may prefer testing within their network but is that realistic? provides a real world scenario not a best case scenario which makes this speed test a more accurate representation of your true bandwidth. This is a true and trusted test of your Internet automatic speed.

Monitor and graph your Internet connection speed over time with this automatic speed test.

Auto speed

Algorithm: drop down allows the user to select. Auto-Speed (classic) previous algorithm used. Auto-Speed (beta) new beta algorithm. Enable when download and seeding has the algorithm run all the time. Enable when seeding has the algorithm run only when seeding content.

The algorithm used DHT ping times to decided if it needs to adjust the current rates. Lower ping times responses indicate the network is not congested, high ping rates indicates that it is.

NOTE: It is important to always press the Save button to make the changes active.

Auto-Speed-Beta is an algorithm introduced in 2007. It has the following goals:
The main setting is to set how big portion of your upload capacity is used by Vuze. It is limited to be 80% of the known/estimated capacity, which conforms to suggestions in Good settings.

  • Allow the client to download in the background without interfering too much with normal web surfing
  • Automatically determine line speed limits used by the control algorithm
  • When download, maximize download rate over uploading.

Network: displays the name of the ASN (i.e. ISP) of your public IP address. Upload limit: Current estimate of the upload capacity for this network and how accurate it is. Download limit: Current estimate of the download capacity for this network. The upload and download setting are set in the section below. Put the value in kilo-bytes/second in the box and then select the estimate rating in the drop-down box. The value become active immediately. The drop down has the following options. Estimate select this one to allow more searching to override. Measured between Estimated and Manual in confidence of setting. Manual select this one to prevent overriding of this setting. Reset network detailsThis button will erase the history for the network, which is persistent across sessions and start the limit search process all over.
Note: You can optionally enter some text into the beta debug log here, but it could be useful only if you are sending that log to the developers, so for most users it will not be used.

The application used three ping sources to monitor. If it determine one of the ping sources is significantly slower then the others it will replace them.

Auto Speed Beta Contents Introduction [ edit ] Auto-Speed-Beta is an algorithm introduced in 2007. It has the following goals: Allow the client to download in the background