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attitude seed bank reviews

Let me begin with Hash Passion as this strain has other faults beside the one rogue seed. First, never in my years of growing have I had such a skewed male to female ratio, out of 10 seeds planted three were female. The three females took nearly a month to show their gender placing them weeks behind the other strains. Moreover, after 3 weeks they finally showed what looked like female Pistillate but at the same time what looked like male stamen within the leaves. I though perhaps hermaphrodite but NO, the cluster of what I thought was “balls” ended up exploding into a cluster of pistillate flowers. Not a single pistillate but clusters of pistillates. Never have I seen such a thing on a female plant.

On a positive note, with the exception of one Ceres Kush plant which also looks nothing like her siblings but is doing well, the remaining females are healthy and looking lovely, true to strain and type. Ceres Kush had a normal and acceptable male to female ratio.
I had to destroy both the rogue females as they took up too much space, light and food from the producing plants and frankly I doubt that either would have produced anything worth smoking. I have never in 7 years had to destroy a female plant because its quality was so poor.

The Ceres Kush rogue on the other hand had a ridiculous number of stems with tiny airy bud sites everywhere yet nothing that looked like it was going to produce any considerable quantity or quality of smokeable product. The height was purely sativa, at one point I had to cut a 1/3 of it to keep it in range of the light. Its leaves were very slender and long – very sativa. Ceres Kush is marketed as “pure indica”.
I planted all the seeds and had a near 100% germination rate; additionally I grow via hydro.
Both the Hash Passion and Ceres Kush strains each had one seed that was clearly NOT from the same strain. Both of these seeds developed into what can only be described as something you would find growing by the side of a highway. Both grew three times as large as their siblings and looked nothing like the their siblings.
The order was processed promptly and professionally and arrived in 3 weeks (USA/ South West). The stealth packaging left a bit to be desired, I paid extra for stealth but let’s just say that there was really nothing stealth about it. Had the customs agent simply opened the package the seeds would have been immediately visible. That said, I received the seeds so what else can I say except it worked out, thank goodness. I won’t detail the method they used for obvious reasons but perhaps they can work on it.
I do have concerns regarding seed quality and consistency when it comes to being true to strain type. As a 7 year grower (both hydro and soil) I have cultivated countless strains and what I can say about them all is that despite being grown from seed all of my previous strains (from other seeds banks) were clearly related and shared similar traits and characteristics, i.e. length of time to flower, height, length of time to finish, quality of bud, resin production, scent etc.

The rogue Hash Passion plant grew very tall despite being indica dominant. Its leaves were odd in shape and HUGE, it grew no branches just a single long stem. The initial cluster of pistillates at the top was it with no signs of being either gender toward the bottom of the plant. Moreover and most odd it had no scent even when I rubbed the leaves and zero resin. A freak of a plant is all that I can describe it as.

This was my first order from Attitude Seeds and I ordered two strains and received a couple of free seeds. I purchased Hash Passion (non fem) Ceres Kush…