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attitude seed bank review

Perhaps my experience is a “one off” so I will give Attitude Seeds another shot with different strains and look forward to the result. Lucky for me the two free seeds made up for the two rogue seeds yet it seems a bit odd.

I planted all the seeds and had a near 100% germination rate; additionally I grow via hydro.
The rogue Hash Passion plant grew very tall despite being indica dominant. Its leaves were odd in shape and HUGE, it grew no branches just a single long stem. The initial cluster of pistillates at the top was it with no signs of being either gender toward the bottom of the plant. Moreover and most odd it had no scent even when I rubbed the leaves and zero resin. A freak of a plant is all that I can describe it as.

This was my first order from Attitude Seeds and I ordered two strains and received a couple of free seeds. I purchased Hash Passion (non fem) Ceres Kush (non fem) and received a single free Kannabia Smile seed (feminized) and a single Kannabia Special seed (feminized).
On a positive note, with the exception of one Ceres Kush plant which also looks nothing like her siblings but is doing well, the remaining females are healthy and looking lovely, true to strain and type. Ceres Kush had a normal and acceptable male to female ratio.
Let me begin with Hash Passion as this strain has other faults beside the one rogue seed. First, never in my years of growing have I had such a skewed male to female ratio, out of 10 seeds planted three were female. The three females took nearly a month to show their gender placing them weeks behind the other strains. Moreover, after 3 weeks they finally showed what looked like female Pistillate but at the same time what looked like male stamen within the leaves. I though perhaps hermaphrodite but NO, the cluster of what I thought was “balls” ended up exploding into a cluster of pistillate flowers. Not a single pistillate but clusters of pistillates. Never have I seen such a thing on a female plant.
Both the Hash Passion and Ceres Kush strains each had one seed that was clearly NOT from the same strain. Both of these seeds developed into what can only be described as something you would find growing by the side of a highway. Both grew three times as large as their siblings and looked nothing like the their siblings.
Both feminized free seeds also geminated and both turned out to be female, a wonderful free bonus.

I had to destroy both the rogue females as they took up too much space, light and food from the producing plants and frankly I doubt that either would have produced anything worth smoking. I have never in 7 years had to destroy a female plant because its quality was so poor.

This was my first order from Attitude Seeds and I ordered two strains and received a couple of free seeds. I purchased Hash Passion (non fem) Ceres Kush…

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That is a huge collection, right? We are sure that you will get lost in that pile if you have not decided on what type of marijuana you need.
They even have a huge promotion area on their website. At the time of writing this post, there were 100+ promotional offers going on their website.

Unfortunately, since 2019, the attitude seed bank has stopped using Mastercard and PayPal for their payments.
We do recommend attitude seed bank but only in cases where you can find the marijuana strain on other seed banks like ILGM and MSNL .
As the law in some countries states that keeping non-germinated marijuana seeds is legal, but germinating them is illegal, you will notice that attitude seed bank keeps mum on matter of germination.
But with the attitude seed bank, what they don’t do is remove the high-quality seeds separately. They give out orders from a huge lot of all kinds of marijuana seeds with varying quality.
Attitude seed bank sends out marijuana seeds hidden in things like cups, t-shirts, and pens to avoid detection by prying eyes.

All the payments regardless of the country, are going to be charged in GBP currency .

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