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apple og strain

Apple og strain

Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Medicinal Uses: Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Mood Swings
Cultivator: Pure Green Gardens

Aroma: Earthy, Skunky, Pine
Effects: Calming, Cerebral, Body Buzz
Recommended Use: Afternoon
The aroma is a rich earthy sour bouquet that translates similarly in the taste. The effects are uplifting and cerebral with enough body relaxation to prevent any overwhelming euphoria.
Flavor: Earthy, Sour, Hash

Apple Kush is a potent cross of Sour Diesel and Pure Kush that boasts fluffy neon green buds with patches of dark olive leaves and amber hairs.

Strain Profile – Apple Kush Strain Profile – Apple Kush Strain: Apple Kush Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid Percentages: THC: 20.8% CBD: 0.44% Cultivator: Pure Green Gardens