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animal cookies review

Animal cookies review

The Animal Cookies plants are of tall height. Its buds are frosty and surrounded by fiery hairs, the pistils, and stigmas, like its parent Fire OG. The sticky white resins are the trichomes which contain the highest THC levels of any part of the plant.

Animal Cookie is a hybrid, mainly Indica like its parent, Fire OG. Animal cookies have the famous sweet taste of Girl Scout Cookies, and the powerful THC levels and sedating Indica genetics of Fire OG. It is quickly becoming a popular medical strain as cultivars are producing CBD levels as high as 4 percent.
Animal Cookies, as a descendant of the sedating Fire OG, can be to great strain to use for insomnia. It will put you into a deep and refreshing slumber.

Animal Cookies medical cannabis can give a quick cerebral mood boost that lasts several hours. This can make it an appropriate treatment for mood disorders that exhibit anxiety, depression, or chronic stress reactions. The ability to sedate and relax can be useful in ADD and ADHD. The relatively high CBD levels may make it an appropriate treatment for some types of seizures if recommended by your doctor.
Growing animal cookies outside needs to be done by professionals who can closely control the environmental conditions. It needs a sunny, hot, dry environment to flower. Flowering in September, you can expect around 14 ounces per plant of delicious tasting weed.

Growing weed from Animal Cookies cannabis seeds and cuttings is a difficult undertaking. In order to control environmental factors closely, especially ventilation, growing indoors is a better choice. These plants need to be kept dry, with airflow and ventilation maintained. These plants will need to be trimmed often.
Animal Cookies can restore appetite to those who have lost too much weight due to lack of appetite tied to illness. This can allow those with conditions like cancer and HIV to have enough appetite to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight, greatly improving the chances of survival.
Indoors, you can begin with some High Density Discharge Lighting and perhaps a growth tent with reflective lining. A fan and exhaust and provide ventilation. You will want a way to measure temperature and humidity. You can start with your 5 gallon buckets with overflow holes in the bottom. You will plant your weed in the soil and fertilizers you place in the buckets. They will be overseen by the bright lights for nine to ten weeks upon which you will induce flowering with the photoperiodic lighting schedule suggested by your vendor, such as 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of dark. Once flowering is complete, you will hang your weed to dry. Indoors, you can expect 11 ounces per meter squared.

Animal Cookies medical cannabis has THC levels as high as 23 percent. These high THC levels make it a strong pain reliever. Animal Cookies marijuana can also have CBD levels as high as 4 percent. This weed can address musculoskeletal pain such as sciatica and shoulder pain. It can address inflammatory pain such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis pain. And it can attenuate neuropathic pain such as in peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and shingles caused by the chicken pox virus.

Animal Cookies weed medicinal and recreational properties. Where can you buy Animal Cookies weed. Animal Cookies weed origins and history. Where does Animal Cookies weed come from?

Animal Cookies has genetics stemming from Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies. With those being two of my go-to strains, it is no wonder why this medical marijuana strain is one of my new favorites to end the day.

This batch of Animal Cookies has colorful buds that are extremely soft and will crumble to the touch. It is actually one of the most delicate buds that I can remember, as if it was ready to be broken down and enjoyed.
The Animal Cookies strain skillfully combines a noticeable Indica body melt coupled with a cerebral and spacey head-high.

Although a good batch of well-grown Animal Cookies can be difficult to come by, this is sure to be a popular strain as it becomes more ubiquitous among the MMJ community.

“This last batch of Animal Cookies was lab tested at 19.8% THC. Just what you should expect from such a heavy-hitting hybrid.”

The high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may account for Animal Cookies being a “munchie-inducing” strain — it’s great for patients looking for a boost in their appetite.

“It really tastes like a mixture of cherry, grape, and brown sugar.”

Animal Cookies has an enticing terpene profile. A sweet musky scent of lemons and pine overtakes the room as the container is opened. The smooth smoke creates a taste so unique you may have to taste it to understand what I mean – it really tastes like a mixture of cherry, grape, and brown sugar.

As with all strains of cannabis, depending on your batch of Animal Cookies, the aesthetics may be different than another batch. However, like Girl Scout Cookies, this strain has some distinct characteristics that seem to be obvious traits every time I come across the strain. Beautiful bursts of dark green, purple and orange are common when medicating with pretty much any strain deriving from the cookies.

Animal Cookies: Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG