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amsterdam weed strains

As a general advice we would say that shops more centrally located are spoiled from the all year long tourism stream, and have become greedy. This results in their products not always being of top quality, and their prices are obviously higher than in the other parts of town. The more you are moving out of the center the more the prices are going low. Also, the shops offer better quality and a more relaxed atmosphere. It is always a good idea to ask the locals where to buy weed and what to buy. Trust the locals – they know better.

So which coffeeshop to choose from, as there are dozens in the city centre? Ok, here are some choices: Barney’s have nice food to combine your high experience, Katsu has a relaxed atmosphere and a nicely explained menu, plus they always offer help when trying to decide. Greenhouse consistently sells high potency stuff and many stoners choose this coffeeshop for their shopping. Grey Area is another friendly place to smoke bongs and have a nice cup of organic coffee.
Amsterdam has been a symbol of cannabis freedom for a few decades already. Long traditions like Cannabis cup and coffeeshops created a profile of a city that welcomes tourists from all over the world just because there is no problem smoking weed here. Whether you just want to do some cannabis tasting, or you just like to buy some cannabis seeds to grow home, Amsterdam is the place to be.

So, here we are. Tourist buses load off thousands of weed-hungry people, older couples visit the Red Light district and stop for a smoke and a laugh at one of the biggest attractions: coffeeshops. I mean “coffeeshops” with many “”””…Nowhere is “coffee” so popular. It is a normal day in Amsterdam.
Here are some of the latest trends in the local market.
Even though policies by the Dutch governments have made a conservative turn, the Cannabis market literally flourishes in the Netherlands and Amsterdam, and is a main point of sale for tourists in the area. This is why there is also a wide variety of strains on offer in coffeeshops, to tailor to everybody’s needs and interests.
Take it easy: any cannabis products you will find for sale in the Dutch coffeeshops will be strong and you can get knocked out if you are not a member of the Marley family.
Then what should you buy? If you do not know what to buy maybe you should start off with a Sativa strain – these strains give a more uplifting high. If you plan to do other things during your stay in Amsterdam than just be stoned (which is nice but you know, it would be nice to also do expand your view of the city a bit). Indica’s on the other hand are a lot stronger.

In the coffeshops you can either buy “Joints” with cannabis and tobacco and “pure joints” (most rare to find). The pure joints cost often double. As it is always better to know what you buy, we would suggest you never buy pre-rolled joints; the reason for that is that often the content is not what it is supposed to be. The paradox is that in the coffeeshops although you can smoke weed you are not allowed to smoke normal (tobacco) cigarettes. How normal is that!

This handy guide should begin to satisfy every cannabis shopping question when in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam weed strains

Available at The Stud, De Kade, 1e Hulp, Katsu

Available at Bluebird, Tweede Kamer, Het Ooievaartje
Want weed with a zesty lemon aroma that translates to a mouth-watering citrus flavour? It’s got to be the sativa-dominant Lemon Haze. Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk come together to create a sweet slice of fruity sinsemilla. Not quite as potent or as racy as a pure Haze variety, but 15–20% THC is more than enough to put some spring in your step.

AK-47 is a gourmet blend of Afghan, Colombian, Mexican, and Thai genetics. This sativa-dominant hybrid has been a coffeeshop menu staple since the mid-1990s—and for dank reason. A deep draw of her earthy and slightly sour smoke will convince the most demanding connoisseur of her greatness. AK-47 will hit you with a head-shot instantly. But instead of dropping you to the floor, AK-47 will lift you higher and higher with every toke.
In the grow-op, Laughing Buddha is a real space-hungry weed tree. Yields can potentially be enormous, provided you’ve got green fingers. LST and/or the ScrOG are recommended to shape and control a canopy of oversized colas. You’ll also need the patience for up to 12 weeks of flowering.
Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel collide in Sour Strawberry Diesel. Toke this brain fog and get ready to feel good. Plus, this stress-killer sinsemilla is infused with a double dose of sweet and sour flavour. These rock-solid, super-resinous nugs are just too sticky to resist.
Available at Dampkring, DNA, Voyagers
White Widow essentially resembles a squat sativa plant in the grow-op. Indica traits contribute to her dense, frosty buds and relatively short 9–10 week flowering period. Even by today’s standards, White Widow is still worth every centimetre of your grow space.

The coffeeshops of Amsterdam have been purveyors of dankness since the 1970s. There are many fine establishments and too many amazing strains to mention in this text. So let’s cut to the chase. This is your shortcut to the best damn weed in The Dam. Keep reading if you want to enjoy connoisseur-grade cannabis when visiting the coffeeshops of Amsterdam.

The coffeeshops of Amsterdam stock some of the finest sinsemilla on earth. These are the top 10 cannabis strains to toke on a trip to Amsterdam.