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ams seeds review

I was kinda scared at first only because it’s so much scamming going on. But I had to try an I’m glad I did.. I order on 4/8/2020 an I got my seeds today 5/6/2020 as promised. I got worried around the 15th day because I still haven’t received my seed so I emailed customer service. costumer services reached back out to me the next business day an was very helpful with my concerns an also nice about it.. the information that was given from customer service was accurate.. an most of all the seeds are packaged nice an also good quality..

I just replied to the second automated email your company sent identifying myself from the review. The first name on the order is “Sara”. There is no alias.
Thank you for the update, we’re so pleased to hear it arrived. Stay well and happy growing!

Fast and discreet delivery even during covid times. 9 out of 10 germinated. White widow Plants, my first grow, are healthy and growing nicely. I recommend AMS.
There are always a group of things I’m going to look for before buying seeds.. and a company that has done the tests and trials to touch on every one of my concerns– you can bet I’m a happy customer. The description for each strain is in depth and useful. The price for seeds are on the higher side– butttt. heres the part where i say. you get what you pay for.
I bought NY Turbo Diesel & Happy Outdoor Mix AF seeds with 5 WW AF free. I planted two of them and only one of the others got past the germination stage for some reason. I kept the seeds airtight and in the fridge, but nothing I tried with each successive 22 seeds worked! I am highly disappointed since the first two were so great. And the third seed that sprouted was kept in the same conditions as the other 22, so I’m not sure what’s going on. None of the HO Mix even germinated. Not too happy.
I placed an order during the COVID-19 pandemic and paid via bitcoin, they received my payment within MINUTES! it was processing an accepted within 24 hrs. Within the next 24 hrs I got an email saying my order was shipped and when I could expect it in my front step in the USA! Very happy they responded very fast and smoothly , I ordered from another company during the COVID-19 and it took about a month to ship out. So 5/5 starts for AMS so far , can’t wait to try the beautiful strain!
Ordered seeds April 10. May 12th, still no seeds. They say they sent them without a tracking number but now I doubt they sent them at all. Contacted multiple times and they just keep telling me to wait. Now I missed the window for two outdoor harvests this year. Very disappointed.

Fantastic online store. Multiple purchases made with no issues. Customer service responds in a timely manner and makes appropriate action to resolve issues. Highly recommended.

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Ams seeds review

Plus, AMS does guarantee their products so should an issue arise, I would advise you to get in touch with AMS as quickly as possible to allow them an opportunity to work with you to find a resolution.

As mentioned previously, the majority of AMS’ customers report being highly satisfied with their products and overall shopping experience.
As far as I can tell, AMS ships from Amsterdam.

This being said, any charge made by AMS will be discreet and will not include anything about marijuana in the charge description.
This is a little inconsistent with the rest of their site, so it seems AMS does not want customers to bank on free seeds or to rely on promotions when ordering from them.
AMS aims to serve both large-scale growers and hobby connoisseurs, meaning they have something for just about everyone.
Orders shipped within Europe can be expected to arrive within 9-15 business days, and orders shipped outside of Europe typically arrive in 15-21 business days.
With so many online seed banks to choose from, it can be hard to know who is reliable and who isn’t.

AMS offers customers several different payment methods to choose from including via credit/debit card (Visa and Mastercard only), bank transfer, Western Union, BitCoin and cash.

Online seed banks can be difficult to gauge, but Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds stands out above all the rest – could they be your next online seed bank?