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amnesia haze effects

Amnesia haze effects

Smell: Strong, pinching scents of lemon, rubber and sandalwood are joined by spicy Haze overtones.
Flavor: Similar to its smell, this strain’s flavor has a strong citrus backbone, but a creamy, buttery finish, like lemon and shortbread, with more floral and earthy notes than its zesty scent suggests.

Four of Amnesia Haze’s five parents are landraces, with Haze being the only hybrid of the bunch. (There is a version of the strain floating around with Cambodian and Super Silver Haze genetics, but I’ve never seen it at a pot shop.) The lineage is complex in numbers but remains stark and simple compared to today’s hybrids, with a psychedelic head high that can act as a steroid for art, music and other creative endeavors.
My memory was an unstoppable force before I started smoking cannabis. Sports statistics, promises from my parents, painful childhood memories — nothing escaped me. And while all of those recollections from my past remain, retaining random facts and events from the recent past is no longer my strong suit.

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Like Cannalope and Silver Hazes, Amnesia Haze is a fixture in Amsterdam coffee shops, and it’s become an established strain in American dispensaries, too. It can be found in dispensaries around the country, so spotting it on the shelf in Denver is relatively easy. Caregivers for Life, the Clinic, Good Chemistry and Oasis Cannabis Superstores all currently carry the strain, and dozens of other Colorado pot shops have had it at some point. The Clinic and Good Chemistry grow my favorite cuts of the sour sativa, with firm but gentle effects and a sweet, creamy flavor reminiscent of lemon bars.
Barely hanging on to my short-term memory, I practically ran for the hills when a budtender suggested Amnesia Haze. The most popular form of the headstrong sativa has a combination of purer genetics than most hybrids, but it’s still a hot mess, counting Haze, Jamaican, Afghani, Hawaiian and Laos strains as its parents. It helped birth Toxic Kool Aid, a strain I recently profiled that sent my brain on vacation for about a week. Still, Amnesia Haze’s soothing combination of citrus and butter notes and a zesty, earthy back end lured me in.
Effects: Amnesia Haze’s bark might be worse than its bite. While it can cause users to become dim if they overdo it, the fresh sativa makes me alert and productive after two or three bowls — and that doesn’t wane. The strain is popular among patients suffering from mental and physical fatigue as well as anxiety and eating disorders.

Commercial grower’s take: “Nice sativa with specific effects. I like it in the mornings or after a workout, because it only takes a little to keep you moving, and it’s pretty euphoric without making things too fuzzy. Amnesia Haze is a little sensitive and can take up to three months to flower, so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone new to Haze strains or growing cannabis in general. Make sure your grow is well ventilated, or mildew and mites will likely pop up.”

Like Cannalope and Silver Hazes, Amnesia Haze is a fixture in Amsterdam coffee shops, and it’s become an established strain in American dispensaries, too. It can be found in dispensaries around the country, so spotting it on the shelf in Denver is relatively easy.

Over the course of my many trips to Amsterdam, I have grown to really appreciate and enjoy the Haze strains. The first haze I ever tried was the infamous Super Silver Haze. After that, I was suggested Nevil’s Haze by a bud tender at Barney’s Coffeeshop. I was in love with the uplifting sativa effects that came with the hazes.

Upon my return to Amsterdam, my mind was set on finding as many different haze strains as possible since I was mostly deprived of them back in the US. I headed directly to my favorite coffee shop, Hill Street Blues, where I had some of the best hazes during my first trip.
Your mind begins to race after medicating heavily with Amnesia Haze and you will find yourself daydreaming a lot. I found it hard to get any real work done on this strain because my mind kept jumping between different thoughts. It really kicks your mind into creative mode and causes you to think about random things. However, although your mind is racing you remain calm and relaxed. This amnesia haze strain is perfect for daytime medicating to forget your worries and just relax without feeling like you want to go to bed.

“I found it hard to get any real work done on this marijuana strain, simply because my mind kept jumping between different thoughts.”

The budtender was quick to recommend their Amnesia Haze and explained to me that I got there right in time for their “haze harvest”. She explained to me that hazes require longer flowering periods, and that is part of the reason why I don’t see them grown in America very often (outdoors at least). She told me that hazes require an expert grower who can handle the picky diet of the finicky plants as well as the fungus and pest problems that come with the long flowering period. When grown correctly these strains can produce huge harvest of up to two pounds per plant, which makes them worth the wait.
The Amnesia Haze strain quickly became one of my favorite hazes in Amsterdam, so when I saw it on the Alpha Medic menu back in San Diego I had to get some. Although this batch of Amnesia Haze wasn’t exactly the best, I couldn’t complain after smoking one joint of it. After just a few hits of the joint a powerful cerebral high set in that was very hazy, true to the name.
The buds of the Amnesia Haze were small and popcorn-shaped, reminiscent of most of the haze strains I have seen. While the buds were not very pungent in the jar, as soon as I ran some through the grinder the spicy sativa smell became very strong. It reminded me of Trainwreck because of the hints of black-pepper, but was more earthy and woody with a slight sweetness to it. The taste of Amnesia Haze was very similar, and had a more hashy flavor on the exhale.
I hope to find a better quality batch of Amnesia Haze, but because of the long flowering time this is a relatively rare strain to find in the U.S. If you see Amnesia Haze on your local menu, do not your chance to try this Soma Sacred Seeds masterpiece.

“The spacey, cerebral effect from Amnesia Haze was perfect for wandering carelessly through the busy streets of the city.”

Amnesia Haze by Soma Sacred Seeds was the winner of the 2004 Cannabis Cup, and is an amazing mix of Afghani Hawaiian (Hybrid), Jamaican (Sativa), and Laos (Sativa).Over the course …