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alien strain

Alien strain

The buds reminded me of cheep buds from years past, it did not look like good bud. But after smoking it for the first time I was loving it. Really good daytime high. Lots of energy and no anxiety. If I was rating off of looks it would get a 1 star, but its a hard hitter.

Helped me big time with my bad stress, anxiety and depression ??
By far, one of the better strains I have smoked. It gives a nice cerebral high followed by a mellow body high. Perfect for relaxing after a long day. Wouldn’t recommend smoking if you got shit to do though, as couch lock definitely sits in after a while. This strain seems to have amazing arousal properties too. The old lady and I were going through a bit of a dry spell and since we got some Alien OG, the dry spell is over. I would definitely recommend.

Just got some Alien OG for the first time in 2 years and it is awesome for stress and anxiety. Recommend anytime since it’s a very well balanced hybrid.
Strong smelling pine excellent taste will put you in a zone quick and have your imagination take over and become overly self aware could be awkward in social settings for first time users .
It’s a nice strain I feel more of a head high (sativa) when I smoke alien og I’m more so on the indica side but overall I like it 8/10 imo ??
Alien OG have large buds, cured and dried well. The Herb burns smoothly, slowly and straight. The odor is overwhelming, but par for course for OG Strains. I love the entire six hour lift. It takes a little getting used to. It is a good morning smoke. Couch-lock is a problem, for some strains, not this, really. One curious thing about this wonderful strain is that if you can not doze , time while lit goes so slowly. like I said this is a special and energizing strain. The Tahoe parent is a fairly new super strain. I feel Tahoe immediately and undergo a change, mentally, for the better. It has a body high that kills chronic pain to finish out the lift, gradually.I give it Five Stars.
Funky high, just tickled my forehead and that’s about it, dirt strain!

I had this again the other day and thought it was even better then the east coast alien I had previously(Alien OG is GOAT. As a patient gets healthier, simple pine strains are superior for most issues. Purple may help sleep and pain better temporarily. However, The patient is eventually better off switching to Alien OG. It has less elements then other strains, and may be all the patient actually needs, so they don’t get hooked on the elements they really don’t need. I like the pine strains as simple as possible Alien OG has been my favorite so far. There is no need to cross in lemon or anything else into the pine strain. I basicly always pick up a bag of pine, and a bag of something halfway sleepy (I prefer lemon or lime) but not purple. Alien OG is very inspiring for the first two weeks, then it gets where I can only stand to use a little each day, but just a little pine each day is very good for depression round the clock. Lemon is just antidepressant right after the vape. Simple pine is the best, for long term antidepressant. Easy on the lungs, pine smell and taste makes me pine for when I was young, and is inspiring. I am looking forward to trying a chemdog based pine strain.

The Alien OG brings to you a unique combination that will tend to your problems in a very effective way. The Alien OG is very beneficial for your mental and physical health. When you make use of the Alien OG, you start feeling Euphoric and happy at the same time. It also makes you feel uplifted y…